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Foundation dot org this is all of that and W. NYC I'm Alison Stewart thank you for joining me today we have a lot to get to this hour the first is a preview or working on for this week bestselling author speaker and podcast host Bernay brown will join us to talk about anxiety common courage also actor Cate Blanchett will be here to talk about her portrayal of Phyllis Schlafly the new FX Hulu series Mrs America so we've been told to expect another really rough week this week maybe the roughest yet and we're all searching for ways to stay emotionally as well as physically balanced so we thought we'd try something new today you're out there listening to me here in my home studio we're going to take a minute to meditate to breeze if we can bring our stress levels down a bit joining me now is W. N. Y. C.'s Lorraine Maddox who leads a regular meditation session for staffers of the station these days she's conducting the sessions on zoom it naturally so the rain thank you for doing this we are in your hands for the next sixty seconds great thank you Alan until let's go ahead and close our online take a deep breath and filling up the valley the long the child to the crown here hang on hello hello hello hello shop in your belly.

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