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Alice dealing with COVID issues is key pieces of their coaching staff won't coach including their head coach. More on that in a moment with a live report. Welcome to NFL live tisha on Johnson, Darren Orlovsky here, Marcus spears. Also with us today is swag. It's Adam Schefter in just a minute. Later also, what we're hearing and thinking about Russell Wilson's future with the Seahawks. But I mentioned Adam, let's start by checking in on some of the injury questions surrounding tonight's game as chefy joins us. Let's begin with the saints Adam. Taysom Hill has been nursing a foot injury since Jameis Winston went down to the season. Tonight, the night we see hill under center. He will make his first start at quarterback tonight, Laura, a lot of people wondering what Taysom Hill can do at the quarterback position tonight we begin to find out with him behind center behind an offense that will look different for a variety of reasons, but Taysom Hill is somebody that's got a lot of support and that organization and tonight we begin to find out why, but he will have to do it without his star stand out running back Alvin Kamara nursing a sprained MCL not expected to play tonight will be an active and that will mean a heavier workload than normal from Mark Ingram, Tony Jones, whichever backs they decide to try to replace Alvin Kamara with not easy to replace him and not easy to play not only without him, but also both starting offensive tackles to run Armstead, Ryan ramczyk, they're out Marcus. Davenports out seats have a whole host of knee injuries and other ailments to overcome tonight on a short week on Thursday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, almost makes you say who's in with all these players that are out for the saints, major injuries, they're in New Orleans. Adam with us all show long with more. And let's get to the other side. Our attention to Dallas. They've had some issues of their own to deal with, start with their head coach, Mike McCarthy will not coach tonight as he has tested positive for COVID-19. So Dan Quinn will head to the sideline fill the role as head coach a role of course he recently had with the falcons let's go to our field report brought to you by Windows 11 and Intel as we bring in Edward from New Orleans and Ed, you spoke with Quinn earlier today. What do you have to say about tonight? Yeah, just in the last 45 minutes, he's replacing Mike McCarthy as you said tonight. And McCarthy spoke to the players and their final team meeting via Zoom. And he emphasized being the more physical team and playing complementary football. As for Amari Cooper Quinn said he looks like himself after missing two games because of COVID, but that the cowboys don't expect to have him play as normal role as a number one receiver. They want to build him back up physically. So my sense, Laura, is that they're going to use him where they think he can most impact the game and then see how he's responding physically and then either reduce or expand his involvement based on that observation and the player's interaction with coaches and training staff as the game evolves. How about DeMarcus Lawrence? What do we know about his status expectations for tonight? Yeah, quin told me he's been counting the days awaiting the return of DeMarcus Lawrence. And he said, we're all so damned excited to see him and you know they look forward to the energy and the physical toughness that he should provide, even though he too will play on a limited snap count. Quinn said they want to build him back up. Use them in situations where you can have the most impact on the game so I would expect that means third down pass rushes, red zone snaps initially. You know, the cowboys have Lawrence the highest paid defensive player franchise history returning tonight. They expect Randy Gregory return from a calf injury that's kept him out four games as soon as next week. And Micah Parsons hasn't been on the field with both of those guys since his very first NFL game week one, that should allow Quinta to maximize Parsons flexibility. And I know that as much as he values parses as an edge rusher, he really believed he could best impact the game playing on the second level, and then blitzing and passing situations. I can also envision quin having The Rookie spy Taysom Hill in certain situations tonight. Laura, I asked Parsons about his expectations about what happens when Gregory and Lawrence returned and he said, you know what? I told him, they can have all the chip blocks and all the double teams I've been seeing. He said, healthy, and able to fully go. I feel bad for those quarterbacks. And I doubt he really means that. Yeah, that's great. And I do want to point out too, DeMarcus Lawrence, since we came on the air. I mean, just like seconds ago, has officially been activated off of IR thanks to Ed with the latest there from New Orleans. And we're just talking about it with Parsons. The cowboys should get a defensive boost which Florence Micah Parsons and the unicorn Micah Parsons I should say very good job there. He really is a unicorn for this defense. He's the only player in the NFL with a 150 plus snaps in both coverage and as a pass rusher. And when he does not, when he does rush the passer, no one has had a greater impact. In fact, when Parsons is part of the pass rush, Dallas defense allows a QBR of just 23 gets pressure on over 40% of the dropbacks. That's equivalent to the best defense in the league, both departments, and it's also better than the browns defense with miles Garrett, the Steelers with TJ watt and the rams with Aaron Donald. So I think we should just throw that picture of Parsons with the unicorn horn for the rest of the show because it's probably illustrates it, Marcus. Let's talk about Parsons for a second. Now that Lawrence is back in the mix, how should the cowboys be using him? Yeah, a lot in the same ways. I thought we was going to finish the damn show, would you read off accolades? 'cause we could talk for an hour about how good he is. But the bottom line is when you look at DeMarcus coming back, it's just flexibility for Dan Quinn like he talked about in the second level being on the first level. I do not imagine them taking Michael Parsons off the edge completely, especially in third down situations. But it's also how you use them. Finding matchups then quin did a phenomenal job earlier in the season. You see here against the Carolina Panthers. He's on that second level. You get a matched up on the back. That's going to be a win for Michael Parsons. He's too athletic for you to try to cut him and you're not strong enough at the bank, but very rare. This is rare for players in the NFL. He makes the zone read, but this ability right ear. To run jaylen hurts down. You can use Michael Parsons in a lot of ways. The correlation between what I just showed you with Jalen hurts. Obviously, we know they gonna try to use Taysom Hill leagues in this game. They are not going to make them a dropback passer. 11 is going to have his work cut out for him, but he's looked like he's been up for the task every week. You know, so you're talking about Taysom Hill's legs. He is dealing with the foot injury, though key from the saint side in this offense, how should they try and approach this game from a scheme standpoint? Well, it won't be traditional Sean Payton. Right. It'll be more like what they did when they win three in one a year ago would take some heal. Surprisingly, he's completed 30 73% of his passes, which is, I don't know what that means. I don't know if that means screens or what it means. It's just there. You're going to run draws with him. You're going to run sweeps direct snaps to the quarterback. And every now and then there's a smoke and mirror play to confuse you, whether it's a reverse pass, where there's some sort of flea flicker. That's how you get up on the cowboys with a guy like this because he's not a traditional drop back passer. Yeah. He didn't have the necessary weapons to allow him to be that. Look, he's a hell of a football player, but in this situation right here, the deck is stacked against him. If I was Sean Payton, I would want to live in first down second down first down. Everything I can do to get there 'cause the cowboys have the second best third down defense in football and I'm playing with my two offensive tackles. Now, I think it's gonna be forcing Dallas to play as much 11 on 11 football as you can or at least making them think that you're doing that. Maybe extra offensive lineman comes into play tight end for you, even though those tackles are out. I think that's got to be. And then the reality is this. This is not me being mean. You got to figure out where number 30 is. Anthony Brown, for Dallas the secondary. I got to check him early on in this game. If they're going to play man coverage, how many different ways can I get Marquez Callaway over there? Trace one Smith. And guys that I feel like can go win. He's coming off a game where he struggles. And I want to just check where his confidence is and where his ability to play man coverage is..

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