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It was funny. It was funny jordan successful and very relevant actor right now like and he came out to this lake. That was a good thing. I think they should've thrown michael b jordan in there on the team he he. He just like a bunch of friday night lights references and skips town. Yeah just throw them in the game. I mean i think. I'd rather have michael jordan in there. Then like tweetie bird no. They couldn't because they were surrounded by the full sealed. Couldn't get him in. yeah they got i mean. They got him into the tunnel to go along with the thing about that because all the appear have already discussed. How could he get in there. It was a force field from the is to the rest of the people You accept the rogue it is the new kamari. No no we. Who's in what ways. He's you think they'll do. I know that we lost on this criteria for being the bill. Murray you just like a celebrity. Who's like universally beloved rogin. No i guess not but he likes shows up randomly like somebody who like is like you know. Sort of likes fans will show up randomly. And you know you very schneider than it is set. Rose you think rob schneider. Is that new for you. I just louise crazy title. Bill murray is the person who goes random places janet. Have you ever seen The animal with rob schneider colleen haskell yet like not told point where i remember it. I've seen a lot a lot. A rob what. He's a few times. Look the the jack. Nicholson of this movie. Like the most prominent fan in the crowd. Yes stanley lip gifts. The mask is like in everything. He's just the first round. He's got great seats akiba. Do your mask impression all right. No that's to hold on. Hold on hold on how the it. Yeah here yeah. Well among the people in the crowd. I have to say. I was not thrilled to see pennywise. I was like. Yeah it was like holy. Is that pennywise. My kids like dad pennywise. He's gonna kids movies to get you dad. This is a scary clown in the front row. Michael jordan reference that no one under the age of like my. My kids thought that that was hilarious. He's not no but they when they said. Oh you idiots. You got michael b jordan like like. They thought it was like. Oh you didn't get michael jordan. You've got the michael beach short. They just think this is a random discreet that they've named michael the whole contact. It was the real michael jordan. Prime is michael jordan in might also like in the canon of space. Jam does have a different middle name. Because his name. Famously michael jeffrey jordan. How is he michael age. Oh i guess he's like maybe what's that likes he's That was where they're like That you that they thought it was very fine but my kids just like. We're cracking up laughing at things that i did not think they would Potentially maybe a kissing ally maybe wouldn't because it was based on millennial There's a scary clown. And it's like harry potter and austin powers. Like no way that any bullets. And i've been very high on the movie but i the one thing that bothered me was like The anything about the matrix that was in the movie. The matrix of thing the matrix over. Don't make new matrix movie's. The matrix has been the ip has been ruined more than any other ip and Vicious been any matrix references in this movie. Yeah a big wonder woman set piece. also yeah A big reference. A big Throwback to the movie training day denzel washington's famous character training day king kong ain't got s on me when he's like Yeah i mean that's really what we want. We go to see space jam. The sea trading day references. Yes yes you said. You've been higher. Movie yes tastic always speaks. It was a great great movie and it should have had over fifty percents people listening. Because i take you at face value our of course osama you have what we do. You're telling me that you didn't love the rap from the notorious. P i g we have two more keeping wrapping there. Yeah you wanna you wanna you wanna hear it lease the movie Queued up Here's a courtesy of hbo. Max here is The notorious p i g. You're really boy. Would iraq to one. No i mean there was a rap battle in the basketball game. That was great. It was great. You drop the mic you want and also the whole movie. Dropped the mind because michael jordan. I don't know that yet. They should have had michael jordan. Also notoriously i and other classic reference for kids to animate every single reference is geared toward someone in their twenties thirties. At least sonic kids. Kids are dubbed shannon. They just to see like funny things on the screen and they could watch like i mean a lotta a of kids shows. Are you know the cartoons or for yes. No the first one. Obviously like you know you want you back now like funny references and that whole scene with the possible is trying to get better and like Washers in adult you like. Aw i didn't understand this. Get like obviously old his movies have that but i do think that like an entire movie. That's tour's shows how relevant one and he's been to view millennial movie but just like a lot of relatives is quite outdated nine interesting. Yeah that's probably like the. Why make the movie like. Hey we want to make some of these characters relevant there. There is a twitter. Like meam for many years Shannon that like lola bonnie. Is you know very desirable from the first movie. He there are lot of lola. Bunny fans and lola bunny is like you know. She's a buddy but they they try and make her diet is lola. Bunny in this movement. Dayers die powder that i don't know the buddy scindia. I think it might be day anyway but lower body so they're trying to make lola bunny like a thing again. They're trying to make her be the biggest loser. Lola bunny was introduced in the first instance. Five correct entrance into the universe. And you'd like a female tarik data and yeah. I think people apparently people were angry. That they'd like de sexualize. Lola bunny which is like telling on yourself. Joe dissolved cartoon bunny. Let's not get all up in arms about like what those robert buddy complaints no. I haven't been complained. Actually because i think we're all thinking it it's a heartache. Also really it's not you tell me if i'm on the might bugs bunny should have should have died. You should have stayed dead yet. Although that they got you thinking bugs bunny was dead it looks they. They went for it and then just kidding. He's you can't die so like as like would have been a big headline yet. Bugs bunny's now in charge of the looney tunes. Yes what it's like. The final scene is like instead of bugs bunny saying hey can i live with you. It's low upon his saying a lebron can live with you and then it's like please married. I know but well viney lebron and lola bunny like living in like a three bedroom apartment together as the movie and he's like dad. Can i go to baseball games. Like actually like Court says like..

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