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Latisha played by journey. Molet and his uncle played by courtney vance to embark on a road trip across nineteen fifties. Jim crow america in search of his missing father played by michael kenneth williams for your emmy consideration for outstanding drama series and all other categories all episodes now streaming on. Hbo max pat piper. Wanted to thank you for tuning into the three hundred ninety. First episode of awards chatter the hollywood reporter awards. Podcast i'm the host gothenburg and my guest. Today is one of the greatest character actors in hollywood history. Indeed over the course of his forty three years in the business he has given so many memorable performances in so many memorable projects alongside so many memorable people that a game was created wherein players are asked to choose one actor and then connect him or her to another actor via a film that both appeared in together repeating this process for as long as necessary to try to find the shortest path back to him based on the theory that anyone can be connected back to him with interest a half dozen moves or six degrees he has criminally overlooked when it comes to awards he's widely regarded as one of the greatest actors who has never received an oscar nomination but he has become so iconic in his own time that he was even named checked in a giant blockbuster that he was not a part of marvel's guardians of the you know him from among many other projects national lampoon's animal house friday the thirteenth diner. Footloose tremors the river. Wild in the first the woodsmen and five films which have received best picture oscar nominations. Jfk a few good men apollo thirteen mystic river and frost. Nixon plus acclaimed tv series. Such as fox's the following amazon's. I love dick and most recently showtime's city on a hill which was just renewed for a third season and as the husband for the last thirty. Three years of the actress keira sedgwick. I'm talking of course about kevin bacon over the course of our conversation. The sixty two year. Old and i discussed what he learned from early. Foams like animal house and diner. How footloose made him. A giant movie star and why. That didn't last. What happened seven years. After footloose that resulted in career. Rebirth and renaissance. What years later ultimately led him to reconsider his views about television and ultimately led him to city on a hill plus much more and so without further ado. Let's.

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