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One of the strangest accounts that we read one of the strangest theories. We found a regarding the events on the night of February I January thirty first twenty thirteen. Was An urban legend. that. Originated in Korea. And it is called the elevator game. This is completely speculative. We have not played this game. I don't know if we would want to. I cannot wait to do this. The idea I I would rank this in the. Old Dare Daring your friends to do stuff games at so many people play growing up turning off. The Lights Seen Bloody Mary several times. Mirror handyman right candyman, so the ideas that by performing a certain ritual in an elevator very specific when you will arrive at a slightly off kilter plane of existence. And I'll read some stuff from just the account of the elevator game according to people that have completed the game successfully, it looks the same as the town and building that you're from when you emerge, but all the lights are off. You can only see a red. Cross cross the distance. You're the only living thing in this plane, and for the most part electronics don't work. If you managed to get to this strange place. Returning to the real world is more difficult. You will grow disorder in the elevator door will seem to grow further and further away joie toward it. Only one person can play the game at a time. It can only be performed in a building at least ten stories high with at least one elevator in it. Otherwise you cannot proceed. And add the instructions for traveling. and. We don't have to go through. All of this. One of the IDEAS would be you. Enter the well the basic steps you enter the elevator from the first floor by yourself. If anyone else gets on, you cannot continue the ritual, and you have to wait until you can take the elevator alone. You press the button for the fourth floor. When it reaches the fourth floor, you stay inside the elevator and press the button for the second floor. Don't get out when you reach the second floor. Stay in press the button for the sixth floor and then after that. Don't get out. Remain in the elevator. Go back to the second floor. And once you reached the second floor. Press the button for the tenth floor. And if you hear anything calling to you on the second floor, do not reply. Don't answer. And then once you're so, it's very intricate. Right this pattern of buttons right so once you reach the tenth floor. Stay on, impress the button for the fifth floor. This is the creepy part they say that. When you enter the when when you get to the fifth floor after you've done the series of buttons. A woman will enter a stranger The strange woman will enter the elevator and she'll try to talk to you. And you can't acknowledge them. She might this person might even appear as someone? You are familiar with according to the legend. High School friend and CO worker a the new press the. It's important that you don't look at this person, and if you press the button to head to the first floor. This is when you know. Ritual worked correctly because you'll push the button for the first floor and instead of going to the first floor. You go to the tenth you start going up. And then. If you reach the tenth floor. You can stay on her exit the elevator. some have said that when they are trying to leave, the women will try one last time to engage with you. She may raise. Your Voice May Shriek it, you There's only one way to know whether you traveled to the other world. For sure you will be the only living thing there and they have instructions to. Get back. To the Get back to the actual world our world. In they're they're. They're pretty detailed. So this has all the makings of an urban legend right? Yes, it has all the troops. It has a It has the the fear of strangers, and has the importance of ritual and rule following it has anonymity an authors. It has no specific examples of times that this occurred. So the best way for you and die and everyone else to find out whether this works would be to attempt it. Here. We cannot attempt our office because our office is not ten stories only goes up to seven her, so that would be a different ritual. Really fast along with these things that you're listening off about what makes it an urban legend. A one issue here is that. electrtonics most electron ix don't seem to work or for the most part, nor do poets. You know you try and film this, so you can put it on Youtube and show yourself going to an alternate plane. It's probably not going to happen. Because trunks also need to be alone, and would that violate one of the rules by having a camera, which is in some way, an infinite number of years. But have this fellas. Now the thing about urban legends is that they're you know cobbled together from bits of things that may or may not be true. The thing you end up with is sort of the product of a game of telephone played over generation. Sometimes you know what if a story like this? What if there was some truth to it? What if the procedure outlined here is not exactly right? What if someone really had the right way of doing this and did involve an elevator? Maybe it involves some strange hand gestures. Maybe it involved. You know pressing certain Rove buttons all the way. And maybe there's an apparition of some sort in that elevator footage that is. Being communicated with in some way. I mean. I don't usually go for this kind of stuff. But this story really got my imagination going and I can't help but think of that Tumbler image. That was posted after Elissa lamb's death so long after of a single lightbulb with another world contained inside. Hanging from a string against drab backdrop, it just kind of represents the idea of. A different world coin to a different place. Yet that you know that's a very good point oil also. It also calls to mind our discussion about rituals and grim laws. You know the idea that maybe there is a real ritual and it. It just isn't specifically explained correctly, and we do know the one thing that escapes a Lotta people about folktales and fairy tales shirts easy to dismiss them. But. Like no said with the game of telephone for generations. These are cobbled from very very old old stories all so many of those urban legends that you may hear about. UFO's began as stories of Gods and mountains and evil spirits or fairies or fe. And so this likely does have the DNA might say of of something else and the way that. The way that they. Associate the people who believe the elevator game through the way they associated is. With exactly as you pointed out the button pushing and the deliberate seeming motions that this person takes, but I wonder if is thought about the point that you made. which I don't think I've heard I. Think is the first time I've thought about it. The light bulb image. Not to poke holes in the theory too much, but at least a lamb at least according to the video never travels on the elevator. Stays on one floor and I'm glad you brought that up because people who claim to be. Video editor experts have controversial views about that in this is where I wanted. Defer to you guys your expertise. Do, you think the video is edited another the time stamp is obscured in the original. Because several people watched it and said that it was edited for people who are not you know pursuing some kind of. supernatural or extraordinary explanation. The people who think there is a conspiracy perhaps on the part of the hotel. Or perhaps even the LAPD. On the L. A. P. D.'s end They say that there was someone else visible on the camera, but..

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