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Nobody laughed and I get off stage and berry cats comes out to love the dark stuff, and then I haven't seen him since Barry cats will be on this couch next week, Jonathan Branson's. All right. You're busy man. No, I just had my phone just because it was. Oh, anyway, thank you. Thank you. We're gonna. We're gonna. Have you back back from so much fun. I really appreciate it when it's Jan Michael Vincent's career loved them in Hooper with James best sheriff Rosco p Coltrane from dukes of has, and thank you. So let's support Jim Norton. Yeah, just at Jim Norton, Twitter, Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, you know there. Yeah. I mean anyone else. That's great. I mean, listen, thank you. This was so much fun. I did not expect to be this much fun and keep in mind. We talked for about an hour plus of or the podcast. So we're going to have you back and we'll tell you. And I wanna talk about comedy, you know, like I said, I have a lot of comics on we bitch about. I got fucked over by this show. The I didn't get the Conan spot. I didn't get this, but you're a guy who can give the other side. I like to say the behind the curtain view. Certainly. Yeah. All they didn't book you on. Let's say a canceled show. You didn't get the Chevy Chase show because they thought you were to feign. Thank your funny just think to prevent so back, you're the mass. This is great inappropriate Earl, soundcloud nights if you haven't done. So already, it really helps. If you leave a review, it literally takes seconds. You just click, however many stars. You want clink live. Hope that's just click five. Five is a group. It's a group. It was a boy band out of Boston on my God who were like beetle, but they could play their instruments like they were boy band. The backstreet boys had a backing band. Yeah, they sang band played the crazy and it goes back to why movies? Well, I don't know how the click five was huge trying to get the keyboard player on but much like we talked about Don Johnson, not wanna talked about Miami vice. I've been told by three members of the click five, hey, dude, we're really happy. You're fans of the band, but let it go. I won't let it go. So funny, like stone said at the in Iran, nothing that's over. They're all gone, sir. Skakel lost his mind at the comedy store. Didn't even know it open mics aid to the bone..

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