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That i you know i know for sure but anecdote only i will tell you that serbia that way and can i do think that was the intent of uh of the administration to mayor from the beginning to have an end up before oh without a doubt like i said i buy you know i've been an officer with city for more than twenty six years i've never indicate bite that uh i i you know it it it odd that don talbot videos are out at the administration and not just the mayor of the city council to be willing to jump into police affairs and comment about the eight before they're even investigate it right i that completely inappropriate you you hire people you try it make good decisions and an excellent work and then when they make a recommendation you're one of the howling reason to overturn the people that you put in charge of the of the agency that you are you no charge you uh to ensure accountability for you go with them i if i may veto have the right person then may or may be running a division of all right well listen thank you for your thoughts jaeshin i appreciate it nice phrase and thanks for taking the time ethic guy welcome jason fane holden the thin blue line out there fop president that i'm looking at this story and it again says unreasonable force when he kicked in on our armed restrain suspect in the head he was armed and he wasn't restrained right he was in the process of being detained and he was armed right oh get it right quit lying to fit your narrative the on us that's unbelievable so young tdn that was one of the confused zinc things about that for me as i keep saying that we guscott jennings in the newsroom scott what's up john the president's spokeswoman not taking questions about the email flap involving donald trump jr instead sarah huckabee sanders read a statement from president trump today in which he called his son a high quality person and applauded the younger trump's transparency beyond that sanders for for reporters the attorney for trump jr senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he plans to unveil revised healthcare bill on thursday with the vote on moving ahead on the measure next week nakata lads he expects the analysts at the congressional budget office to provide its assessment early next week and cyberbullying isn't just.

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