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No one was answering wasn't moving when you walked up to know and then I did something dumb competit- because I was like maybe it will be like take it and so a pet it hits but it didn't bite got hit by a car I think so and so I read read on all these like websites that you go back and you get a box and you've covered with a blanket and pick it up and then I could take it to an animal place the next it's morning but by the time I went back I went and got my box from a wine that I bought a big old box of came as Iraq and was GonNa go came as I love it and by the time I got back it had. I don't know why wasn't there anymore. Well that's good. I know hopefully really hopefully it's okay. Maybe you woke him up but that happens to me all the time it happened with the possum to on that same street and I waited there in the rain it was when we were having an ice storm and it was just happening and I was just getting poured on and I just thought with the Pasta until the animal control came and got him so so that's how crazy I am. I think that's really sweet chase stray dogs around the neighborhood. Oh yeah they all waking up looking at the sights to see what strays are missing and like chasing him down. No luckily because I'm not home and do that anymore yeah but my mom has taken the same way oh she's the same way but bow now is like. I rescued a pit bull and somehow we got him to California on a plane when they wouldn't allow pit bulls. I'm covered in Maine. I mean oh my gosh and so we got him to Melvin now. He's living the life on the beach. It's it God okay so tell me how you've gotten to where you are now. So after start off tennis started off moving doing solo things we got together. We formed a band and amazing race then you also after amazing race. Were pursuing another band for a little while to yeah I was in It was called Darlington Abbey with Josh He's an incredible player but I just kind of I guess just kept writing was like the main thing and then that Eric passing song really kept me going because my publishers signed me again because of that and so and then Benny Brown who is head of broken bow at the time he saw Naomi staying and he had heard about my songwriting and you and it's Kinda how it all happened really songwriting. I feel like it's Kinda what Eddie Yeah and then then joined that band which has been away June and that was five years years ago. I think five years ago that's crazy but even that I mean it's been a long road for us. I mean we have this is our third single and Dan girls that get married and came after us. That'd be so many girls came after us at just skyrocketed and we have been waiting waiting for the moment that we're going to make it and finally this year we've had we just had our first top. Ten did break history with your first single 'cause y'all which we wrote together so they asked. Lucky and grateful to be part of that so caroline and I wrote lipstick our first single together and also our title track blue roses so pretty it's beautiful. It's my favorite song and album pretty over Brigham history though even he didn't have a number one or top ten whatever you at trio female trio hadn't the top twenty five and took the yeah. It was crazy so that was like okay. You're getting some credit we were. We were getting awesome like we got nominated for ACM New Group of the year or two times we were getting you know recognition yeah recognition and you know I think for for us just being out there grinding it out on the road and figuring out like what we like to play live what people like to hear live. It just took a lot of growth on the road for us to get to where we are now and I feel like now you could just put us in any situation and we're like we've been there done it. When you play anything we could have any sound problem any whatever problem could happen nice to be at that point yeah and feels good because you're like you know what I worked for this. You know I feel I feel confident and comfortable comfortable because I've been in this situation a thousand times uh-huh before three now know how to work together and all situation yeah and also like having people that carry who underwood forget forget that I've been on Tour Carrie underwood all year. It's been amazing but having people like her. She didn't give you like her stamp of approval that just it just means everything and I feel like that all the People John Party that did it all the people that have helped us in our career. It's just kind of little things that have gotten us to this point point and it's just a crazy feeling very grateful for the community and like the people that have reached out and helped and I feel like we could do that to oh. You know like every every female to especially that kind of breaks there. I feel like we're breaking down doors for people up and coming new artists behind us you know is it hard hard. Being a female and country music do feel that. I don't think it's hard because we're going to be in our own world and we just go play. We do what we do but I think when you look look at the charts you definitely see this. There's a definite lack of females on. I think there's three females right now. In the top thirty it's US Carrie and Miranda and it's just like it's not enough. Oh you know so I don't th I don't necessarily feel like it's hard to just feel like there's an obvious lack of of female airplane and also not just radio but on fairs and festivals and tours and it just feel like we all have been talking about it so long but like we need to start doing stuff carey. She just did it like I'm taking to feel ex- Allen tour you know and I feel like that's the next stop for this year next year. Just everybody like start me yeah so the conversation has been had and it's time it's tired yes analysis do yeah speaking of top thirty top ten single. It feels amazing. I mean y'all came by my drinks. I was like if this song it does not go all the way then I shocked I have your voicemails saves just because I I deleted all my voice mails but I specifically say about about one because it was one of the coolest voice mail voice messages I've ever gotten and she called and she was like Jen. This is the one that it's the one and I have it. I'm like yeah. I'M GONNA keep it forever and you right you will it just felt so good if so positive in its women empowerment but it's not male bashing we love Herman. You love your man but you lost a frigging love yourself and it's like you're just table to have a great time and do your own thing as as you are without a man and friends like the beginning it was like I called my friends. They can't go out like like you. Don't need your friends. You don't need a man. You'll need anyone to make yourself happy. You can make your own self happy and it saying just for the tonight. Yeah Keno what I'm still not over this guy. I'm just going to be by myself tonight. I'm not GonNa just jump into something else. You know it's just like I think you said it best. You said itself self love. It is about self love. My favorite line is going to be my own boyfriend saying yes. You can't be boyfriends and you should be your own boy seriously just die every time we saying that line. What's going to happen in the crowd and it's so just? Oh and the guy is eleven eleven heck yeah heck. Yes everybody loves. It is so good. Oh it's so good I'm so happy for you and just like your whole journey to get here and of stuck doc with it and to never give up. Stay mentally strong. It's just a testament to don't give up. It is if I can do it because you're you're twenty three twenty three years old. How many record deals have you had three three record. Kerr deals mixed with a million jobs and entertainment song plugger a radio REP. I mean we've done it. All you too but it's just like like you could have easily quit any of those times and just been like this is too hard. I'm not GONNA do this. I wanted to what what keeps you going because you knew that you would get here. Did you know you'd get here. I did and I didn't like I feel like you know you have to know like I said it's in your gut. You have to know that you can do it but your mind will be like. Oh what it really can't but you know I can but you had to know a lot. At least you had to know pretty strongly because this is a hard thing to keep going for if you don't strongly feel it. I think I'm just stubborn Michigan. I think I'm very stuff but I really truly believed to that like I was telling you about my faith in God and if if my journey was going to change even if I wasn't going to make it how I wanted to make it it was gonna lead me to what I was supposed to be doing and that's really what I believed even still to this day. It's like whatever I'm doing. Now is for a reason I'm here for a reason yeah and I'm on the right path so you trust it. Yeah I feel like you have to or else. It's impossible. You kinda like being an industry that forces you to trust that much in God yeah I mean for me. That's everything and I feel like especially country music. We're like a family and that's what's so special about it and we talk about God or in this day. Sometimes it's not the coolest thing to talk about but yeah faith is so important and I feel like this whole community kind of embraces that and I think it's wonderful. What's one of the moments that you think about back in your life that just makes you smile from ear to ear and brings you so much joy when you think back on my dogs everytime. I've rescued a dog the honestly the truth I like that's also songwriting is what I left but I really want to make a change for animals and I would I love to start a sanctuary for old dogs that kind of thrown out when they're older and just want them to have like a good life at the end you know and beloved at the end because I think that's everyone adopts new dogs than new pepys but all the old ones kind of get left behind so that's what I WANNA do. I love the mix fix them make some money to do so. That's like your goals charity island. You've always been dogs. Yeah and I love kids. Obviously I mean kids. Kids and dogs are are everything but I feel it. Definitely put dogs dogs on my heart for reason because probably so many people have kids on their heart. You know I think he definitely put that on my heart it for a reason. What does success mean to you after everything you've seen growing up with John. Was your grandfather like you've seen success and you have been on your own journey of major highs major lows. What is success for you at this point not giving up seriously like to me when I look back. I'm like so proud of myself for that. Obviously there's all these accomplishments that you create that. You've that happen but for me. I'm like wow I never gave up and that success he no you could have to fail is is to not get up when you do fail you know and failing is a part of success. All those things lead to it so I feel like not giving up. It's like that's. That's the coolest part. If you had to pick a song for your theme song of life what would be God well. My favorite song of all time is don't worry baby by the beach boys and I'm a worry wart. You worry about everything everything no. I mean Ah yes. It's crazy. You don't seem like you were yours an internal warrior. Oh Yeah you don't speak your worries. No I just in my brain just think about every every single thing they could ever happen. What.

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