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The it is three eight hundred human affair with your attempts stories north korea was closely watching president trump when he addressed the south korean national assembly from north korean campaign all pyonyang will ripley reports they say the situation on the korean peninsula is the most tense it has ever bands since the korean war a very bold statement and they say they are completely justified to continue their nuclear and missile tests at a time and place of their choosing especially given the fact that there are dozens of us warships in the pacific ocean right now preparing to engage in another round of joint military exercise in other news a former boston tv anchors sans hers sign is a sexual abuse victim of act after cannons spacey heather unreal says the incident happened in an tech at in july of 2016 at a bar and who says are eighteen year old son was excited to meet the actor and had no idea he was a sexual predator kevin spacey got him drink after drink after three and when my son was drunk stacy made his nerves and sexually assaulted unreal enter attorneys say a police report has been filed with nantucket police officials and described her son is strong but the sexual assault is always there here at home three inmates have escaped from the mayor can county jail that's the county east of sumner the sheriff says map white jeffrey strong and dylan ferguson are believed to be in a white ford to fifty truck stolen from one of the inmates uncles and in entertainment news one of the biggest nights and country music is tonight with the cma awards have bridgestone arena collins has had a huge here and he's having it off with his first ever seen a main nomination tonight would mean a lot man it would mean obviously a lot of hard work coming to a point of recognition from the industry i think that's a that's a cool thing and lay that is the latest news brought to you by staples news traffic and weather next time pamela for wtn news staples.

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