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We we gotta get my shorts back yeah i was i was at the david ortiz roast where you told the story about like david ortiz not knowing your name and then he came on pardon my take and they asked him and he confirmed the story what is your favorite david ortiz story that's just never been told i you know there's so there's honestly there's so many he is he's easy to mess with like i remember i remember just all the time i mean you could tell him anything and he'll he'll he'll get mad like i remember one time he hit a ball at fenway and joe mauer dove for it and they gave an air they gave joe mauer and it was a hit you know what i mean it was just thought about maybe the score score keeper when i don't even know maybe watching so he david comes in and someone goes nan that can't believe they gave you a gave him an air on that he's all pissed so i'm messing with them i hey and he he was a his contract was up at the end of the year and you know he's gonna sign extension whatever and i go hey man can you believe lupino went up there and had the score keeper change that too you know just messing with them go he looks me and he goes is that right and i david yeah he was mad he's going looking for larry look i'm like david.

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