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Think when he's when you last week when he's talking about all the deals he's made with the mets and that he just spoke with omar i think he's telling you listen this isn't any on me i would love to have jacob degrom he can't come out and say that well say i would love to have to he's telling you his willingness to deal with the mets is what he's telling you right so i think if you read between lines she's telling you are you kidding me i would love to try trade particularly graham i don't think it's going to happen yeah no i look i really don't want to trade the grim but if we're going to happen now those guys like you said and alarm frayed you have to be in the trade for me that's for me those two guys gotta beat it no doubt i need to guys that i can put a mmediately into my lineup to europe and i think at a team that's creating a pitcher like that would always want pitching back and that and listen because that costs a pretty i don't think the do that deal south city i think it hurts too much right okay would be willing i don't think they'd be willing to move frazier and are in the same deal even if it meant to grop but that's you know i gave you that package yellow straight really how much you would have to hurt in order to make a deal like that you know you you have to give up something that hurts all right i don't think that they would ever attempt to deal i don't think the for and again tourism and do hearts near the same guy right now they're both starting players on a big league championship contending team prospects to deal right right i understand well when i look at the yankees it tell me if you agree with this okay there's an ernie to win sanchez as well and i would i don't disagree with what ernie says about it but in so many yankee fans that are down on sanchez but whatever would yeah so he's not going anywhere but a bit to meet is four guys to me and if you wanted to win do to i guess you can but there's four guys to meet i forget it don't even forget about it and that's aaron judge and that's torres sanchez and severino that there's no no shot don't even don't even bother right joe that was the case to win the white sox were dealing chris sale the reason the yankee didn't didn't outbid boston for chris sales because they wouldn't give up any of those guys those types of guys that were being asked for the yankees all right the white sox were asking for him they wanted severino and yankee fans down severino at the time because it flopped after after being in the rotation right right those sach come multiple combinations of these guys some some sort of combination of fraser torres severino these are the guys that the white sox are acting for for sale the yankees yankees quickly said no and i think they're you know they're in a really good spot for that do you see the yankees i don't see them making a guy i don't see a bump at the gram going to them but i gotta believe they're gonna make a move for a pitcher would it be fulmer would it be half would it be hamels that kind of that ilk of guy yeah i think i think they've been telling you all along in in some ways subtle some ways not that they're looking for a pitcher you talk to people really since the spring inside your organization and outside your news ation they all say the yankees go get a pitcher before you know before the deadline they're gonna you know whether it was the durability issues with tabatha or tanaka or any other questions you had with say montgomery time or or gray everything behind severino had at least a little bit of a question mark so that's where.

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