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Srn news i'm rich thomason in washington israeli security forces have their hands full as palestinians enraged by president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital vent their frustration at demonstrations all across the west bank several huge wildfires driven by high winds are burning in southern california the largest of the fires in ventura county covering one hundred forty square miles the winds expected to pick up even more of later today they could hit eighty miles per hour we are expecting an announcement of some kind in a short time from embattled democrat senator al franken subject of numerous sexual harassment allegations franken may announce his resignation from the senate on wall street right now dow futures down seventy two points more detailssrnnewscom intelligent conservative talk this is nine seventy am the answer i gave drop from the news room ellen pd chief steve conrad gave his ended the year report on violence yesterday he stated in the report the overall crime rate is down by more than four percent in metro louisville we noted that homicides are actually down eight percent in that same report i am heartbroken that all of these numbers than in particularly the homicide numbers for nonsignificant with lower meanwhile a west louisville church held a special service last night's remember those one hundred one lives lost a homicide so far this year good shepherd catholic church red all one hundred one names of the victims in prayer and arson investigators are looking to see how a fire started on shank slain tuesday night taking the life of one person forty one year old archie meter riley jump from a window to try rain savory children too far no details have been given his to the findings of the.

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