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As we continue Gregg Jarrett is with us right we only have thirty seconds everyone's ask why is it taking so long why is it taking so long why is it taking so long now this is all going to unfold starting I think after Labor Day how do you answer because my answer is well there's been a lot of developments that's why but it's gone all happen this fall well I agree with you there be two people have come forward belatedly because they know they're going to be implicated in so you know they want to strike a deal tell the truth and all of that has delayed this plus a classification review which is required but you know the wheels of justice turn slowly that doesn't mean that there is no justice of foot and I expected to happen sometime in the course of you know right after Labor Day and the next month or so alright Gregg Jarrett thanks for being with us we appreciate it as always great job will check in with colonel Allen west will join us also news roundup information overload your calls though are coming up straight ahead as we continue eight hundred nine four one Shawn if you want to be a part of this extravaganza is the V. CVM traffic tickets sponsored by LifeLock with Norton on the northbound side for twenty nine in the Columbia got him up off and on between one seventy five hundred forty from the top side of always seems to be the trouble spot right now we've got really bad back ups on the interleukins you had from Reisterstown road off non towards Hartford road elderly feeling with brake lights from Hartford road towards park heights Avenue and then slowdowns again down the left side of the road for security full of art watch for crash working Hillen road at northern parkway another on first the drive home can be more relaxing if you're not worrying about malware compromising your devices or your identity getting stolen introducing LifeLock with Norton outstanding protection for your identity and devices join at LifeLock dot com and use promo code to get ten percent off the first year for talk radio succeeded of U. CPM summertime cold front approaching from the west and so thunderstorm coverage out there again for tonight and for the first part of Friday and we're looking forward to a dryer.

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