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Appreciate you being here on this final open line Friday castle morning show comes to an end today and my new show starts Monday Katie green will be a part of that new broadcast should be doing news and traffic cherry staying around two of you she's gonna be at the the station working I'm gonna continue go go back to my business job title is that Katie's target practice because I'm gonna be throwing things out or on a regular basis and I'm going right across the hall I'm going to do everything that I can to push all of the limits of being just as I am doing traffic now even though it's not going to be within our KSFO morning show home I guess it will be K. as in the home but it will be within the realms of the KSFO morning show being you know the Sussman sherry and myself but it is part of the new case of the one I will and I eat if they want me to be serious then we're going to have a little bit of a problem well that's the reason I'm not come to enjoy this broadcast rights Risi coverage on this broadcast things like Katie green with her Reverend traffic and also for hard hitting news stories like this the headline reads doctors are warning people not to put frozen potatoes in their **** well we needed to be warned about this apparently this is a story from VI T. dot com if you actually comes from Wales online increasing number of hemorrhoid sufferers have reportedly taking to the internet to seek alternative solutions to their problems they're saying you should probably just go to any doctor instead I'm sorry this is so the internet I signed up for who who helped start in the report that if you put a frozen potato up your **** your and here are the directions peel peel Rumple it potato and cut into slices thin slices okay put the slices into the freezer and chiller frozen inter cert the frozen potato slice where the sun don't shine and leave it inside for thirty seconds repeat the process for three to five days that's one way to make French fries I can say I'm never eating French fries in a way that I got to tell you they say the article continues the service have a stringent properties to help proceed to relieve the pain and itchy sensation but doctors say your problem should just go to the doctor okay Braddock your backs to but if anybody wants to decide who the adult in the room is that sherry is Shakir although that's right media it's funny and if you don't think it's funny then lighten up well I I have I have a question is this tactic called Clementon I think you might need Simplemente the tape was where sun don't shine people I don't you know I so you have to wonder who's who's worst in this situation the person that tried this first and decided that it might work and put it on the internet all the people who found this tactic in white yeah that's my next option sounds like a great choice for me I you know I was a little potato an unbalanced don't home C. energy insanity here by giving away a couple of tickets show we four point eight hundred that you can no prezidente I'm saying not to do it with what the heck am I going to do the rest of my Friday night find something else Zac brown band I've never seen them absolutely phenomenal and they're going to do with potatoes up your boxes roar with the lions tour Riley green gonna be joining them there can be the shoreline October twenty fifth tickets go on sale today but you can impair tickets right now four one five eight zero eight.

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