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His lawyers say as to mention America's listening. The Fox News LBJ News Time is now 702 Good morning on Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by Edelman Financial engines. The race to fill outgoing state Senator Kirk Watson, seed heads to a runoff there at cards gotten 50% of the vote to fill. Watson see through 2022 but the former Travis County judge didn't get enough to stave off the runoff against longtime Austin State representative Eddie Rodriguez. Other decided local races include Austin City Council member Delia Guards. Win over Laurie Isa loafer Travis County attorney. She'll run unopposed in November. Workers Defence Project executive director Jose Garza taking on Republican Martin Harry in November for Travis County District attorney at the current D, A. Margaret more conceited last night on the Travis County commissioner's Court, and Howard faces off in November against Republican Becky Braid to fill the seat of outgoing Commissioner Gerald Artie Courts longtime lone Republican Patrick Osborne NEWS RADIO Cable B J. M. J. Hager is claiming victory in the Democratic U. S. Senate primary runoff versus state Senator Royce West. We want affordable health care for every single Texas that's also accessible to those in rural areas. We want an end a systemic racism. We want aggressive action on climate change. We want common sense gun safety measures and we demand that we stop the inhumane treatment of Children and families on our southern border. She will face US Senator John Cornyn in November. There will be no Children on campus until September, and Travis County. That's the order from Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marquess Scott Not only does to say schools need more time, but as Scott says they need more guidance from the CDC. What is a Reasonable mitigation that they need to implement in order, protect stools and faculty and staff. A cz Muchas past. Dr Prescott says. September 7th is the earliest date for return to classrooms. The Travis County commissioners have approved tax rebates for Tesla's, should the electric vehicle company, build a $1.1 billion manufacturing plant and bring with it 5000 jobs to the area. They will receive about $14 million in tax rebates. County Commissioner Shifter 1,000,000,000 says this plant will help the county's most needy. We're talking about a transformational process that will address poverty and opportunity in that area for generations. Several residents support the court's decision, while others decry the rebates, calling it corporate welfare. John Cooley NewsRadio Kale, BJ. It's 70 for Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Pretty smooth the conditions out there on the freeways a little bit of buildup forming on 35 North found in between slaughter and staff. Me your next reports at 7 15 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. Pretty for the morning. Otherwise mostly sunny and hot for the day today way.

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