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Great choice for families who want a quality education right in their very own community please welcome our guests today the director of advancement for island Pacific academy BJ Cole dhamma welcome to the show thank you thank you a two man and thank you a to live thank you team loudly inviting me to be a part of yourself well it's a local style we like to do before we start getting into the business part of our discussion is tell us a little bit about you are you from Hawaii not from way what's your story so I'm from Hawaii on a product born and raised here in the islands I'm a graduate of merit a high school and then went on to you Chaminade university where I got to my undergraduate and then at not to long ago my graduate degree as well and so yeah so lived here all my life but again had a wonderful opportunity after shaman idea you know I might say that during the the those basketball years that Shyamalan had those grades upsets against Virginia I was a part of that as a student yeah it was so exciting so yes I am a product of a fully I am also have guns it's going to say and so has Adrian and that's how we go back because I did a lot of my relations and Adrian is a shaman other loves so goes over starts yep and I am I have driven past your university many times well connected anyway so let's talk about the island Pacific academy you know I our office is right down the street and you know normally we don't have those caught the travels where I drive past it and I was driving past the other day and I didn't even notice the construction of it or anything this the solar panels that are now in the parking lot exactly that's like a big project what did what did that do for the school all it did it you know it's about sustainability and so on and so forth so it helps cut our costs as far as electricity and so on and so forth it also provide some additional shading our campus isn't a very large campus and so when the students are outside in the in the playground you know there it provides some of that the shading as well as for a staff and employees there you get to your car and it's nice and cool out yeah Copley can be very hot yeah kids will know what I'm saying they can pay for they can play four square in the shade the right awesome anyway that was just something I noticed here there's like wow that even you know paying attention to that and that that showed up I just noticed the other day so let's talk about island Pacific academy what you know its there's always a big there's always a challenge and in Hawaii right for public schools and private schools and then the traffic like all of that private schools are in town correct it's like he's a lot of time in the car we constantly hear that and so that's why there is you know we are a strong choice when you're thinking of a college preparatory school number right there in the heart of couple a reduce fascinating things are teachings are at our inquire re bass and also you know the students really do you so for example our fourth graders we have the only credit union in the state that is run by fourth graders now if there is credit unions ran on the high school levels the public schools but here we are fourth grader is the only one in the state you can open up an account I mean we're teaching students about investment we're teaching them about interest you're minoring in money and budgeting and and a very diverse service you know so when you think about island Pacific academy you're thinking about educating the whole child student where individuality is valued and sell our students gain confidence and and to develop character and become engaging said a sense in this ever changing the whole world and so we are really preparing our students so we like to tell people that island Pacific academy we are in the business of preparing our students for careers yet to be create ed utilize so new career new settings apple I think that's changing so you don't even know what these careers are going to be for these kindergartners I salute me and so that's why it's so important to prepare you not only have a rigorous education but preparing them with the skills so that when they do graduates for you know they're in kindergarten now but twelve years from now it will be a different plagues sack well I want to go back to the students with the credit union I heard that because Halloween is coming up home equity line of credit candy finance loads and loads of candy at the credit not Facebook posting it was so cute hello so I'm still merit that had posted her son Paul X. ray just so cute with their their credit union and that they're they're working and being and so not just about money but also about you know working together responsible for me and that's the skills of those businesses are looking for those Vasquez but on merit said note I do wanna say sell another when you talk about the education that you're getting at island Pacific academy our fifth graders recently became blues sound nutritional less so nice and so we worked with community experts and so our students how to create a no bake desserts as a healthy choice and so they created all these great deserves and they went through several different iterations you know because you got to get everything and and balance with texture and so on and so forth but more importantly there and learning about measurement they're learning about nutrition they're learning all the six they're also learn all instructions you things to go back a little bit so people for our listeners blues on is Dunst I've you know track the blues owned projects that are coming into our community so what blues on came about and there's a great National Geographic magazine all about blues owns and it's a researcher forgot his name we very she heard him speak before at events but he went and noticed that there are places in the world where people were living at a high rate of of living to like a hundred and okay now you know some places in Costa Rica but he found that they had some common attributes and one of them was you know having a healthy diet healthy diet you know meeting your friends at five something doing something fun there's all these different things thanks yeah I course right side exactly and selling ships exactly and so when you again back to the point of our education is that the students are learning how to collaborate sewing machine market learning how to develop those relationships and there and then you know bringing it back to the credit union with Maris said is that the winning recipe was was out so ari navigator credit union is like Capital One and so you can have hot chocolate and coffee and so Mary said created and recreate it the recipe the winning recipe at our she did you I think he's a very talented aasha cater sliding in desert so this time out of the program you guys got it I know you have the credit union run by the fourth graders you have the heavy equipment operators union one other interesting kind of programs you guys out there this grand expedition that coming up great looking for sponsors any are looking for sponsors because you know it is a growing community as you mentioned there and so over the last couple of years our enrollment is increasing and with that we serve a really diverse social economic community and so the more we grow the more need for financial aid is is is needed and so we have this grand expedition coming up on November twenty second it is not the whole what you convention center and so proceeds will go to our our financial aid I must also say that we have just turned fifteen years the I. P. island Pacific economy is fifteen years and so we're celebrating celebrate us and at the center of it all our our students so we're celebrating our past present and our future and so we are looking for wonderful sponsors we already have a presenting sponsor and that is the queen's health system so my hollow to queens and exactly and so on but and then we also have a mission a sponsor riches those first Wayne bank and so but we can't stop there everyone we need your help and to and again this did the community out on the west side is so deserving and that's why you know we're so grateful to be the first K. through twelve college preparatory school in Copley and again we are strong choice and we wanna server our community more and so we need everyone's help to you in a through sponsorship that will go right back to our site is it now I even know of a student that does the reverse commute they did all of the research but that schools in town and they live in town and the sign that you know what IPA like this is the best bet there in your on contrary in program absolutely I think I know that family they were originally from Chicago dad says surgeon at queens in town and they did their research and they found out about and the Pacific academy in Chicago came over to Hawaii and just absolutely love it so they drive seventeen miles the opposite way coming out to Copley to bring their child to our school they are so happy and and and excited about their child and what the child is how the child is learning and it has just the story for learning because again of the the two zero send the program so I think they're true joy comes from watching the traffic going in the opposite they make that sound was the only kid I was driving one two years ago Hey you people in town that's a good idea maybe somebody who lives in town would be thinking wow I never thought about that why don't we have our child go to IPA income away absolutely and like I said right they're they're so much growth joking place you know we there's so many businesses are moving their their their exactly eighty it Laura is inside sales is in the works in our office and two of her daughters go there and they just walk she dropped them off in the morning but then they walk over to our office which is only a block away and they just hang out way for mom to finish work and so it's very nice and convenient it is the kids it is and we you know we take pride in and our community our community mean either pacifica catapult it's a very Curt carrying community and we we value our our at that at the core of it all is our students and and do we do everything for our students through email what be present how we how we conduct ourselves we threw me to respect the Cuming kindness and so on and so forth so again we are a wonderful and wonderful strong choice yeah you know so I noticed that is it a graduating valedictorian or whatever they get their name on the streets science I seems like somebody's name on the actually that's the parking it is actually up for bid it out for our grand expedition and so the grand expedition our theme is other places real goal again at the students at the center of it all is our students so where students are going to go where are our school is going to go you can come to our event and you can auction these items so we we have I king space is going to have silent auction and live on inside was fun I've auction and again thanks to Adrian who's been a wonderful supporter who has contributed to our auction items as well and so thank you thank you and she's been such a wonderful support in the past and and again these are the kinds of fun things we get to do it Isla Pacific academy all for our students now you guys have some programs for like the scholarships for the the Hawaiian yeah did you speak to that sure it's called the killer all polite he scholarship again we do you we are so fortunate to have the wonderful partnership with command in the schools okay and and so again of the details and information is on our website and island Pacific island Pacific academy dot org I'm so excited I saw out of when do you guys have your open houses what time Jeff hotter open house that was last week it is in Rome in season and so but if you mess at you can still come to our school just again go back to our island Pacific academy dot org website and you can set up an appointment.

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