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With congressman marino for good chief staff we were told he was not available and let the cameras his staff then called the capitol hill police on us gear when joe renaissance he looks back he has one regret you know all these people had died happened under my watch the one thing i wanted to do the one thing that i just thought would have the most impact is to lock up arrest one of these corporate officers you rest a corporate officer you arrest somebody that's that's involved in the decision process knowing what the law is if you make that arrest than everybody sits up and takes notice because three p suitcase just don't do well in prison they don't after our story aired the justice department urged congress to rewrite the law that stripped the da of its enforcement powers despite some proposals to repeal or replace it congress has taken no action joe renaissance he now consults with state attorneys general who have filed suit against distributors for their role in the opioid crisis tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn is now running for the senate as for congressman marino he was nominated to be president donald trump's drug czar but two days after we broadcast our story he withdrew his nomination he's now running for reelection to congress sixty minutes airs in its entirety every sunday.

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