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Edging him out and don't forget just. The return of corwin sudden hit eleven hundred yards and six touchdowns religious made some incredible catches in twenty nineteen but he was hurt all twenty. And then you've got guys like caja handler. Jerry judy tae bridgewater will be able to get those guys the ball so i just love the kind of build of this roster and with vic fangio as the head coach really with the year that he needs to show something needs to show At least something. Close to a playoff berth. I think then they're gonna play for him. Guys love vic and i like that broncos over seven and a half years. No cardinals talked about that a lot last episode but they they're windows at eight. I'm gonna take the over on that. Keiler murray i think he's my early candidate for. Mvp aged green. Don't sleep on that move. Like i've said before andre hopkins to return of chandler jones adding. Jj watt secondary is a little suspect. But you never know. And i think they will be able to win over eight games without offensive firepower. Could depend on cliff kingsbury. And how we can motivate that. T- las vegas raiders. Their win total eight as well. I'm taking the under. I just don't see it in that. Division with as highly as i view the broncos i just don't view the raiders in that same light i i can't tell if i don't believe in jon gruden and if i don't believe in deir car because they're both have shown the ability to gruden as shown the ability to coach an offense defense hasn't been there. They haven't shown the ability to build that side of the ball. Their cars shown flashes of being a really good quarterback but again just not there throughout the season and didn't really make any notable moves off season. That kind of move the needle for me that defense in that division. I think with the two great quarterbacks in herbert in mahomes than your the broncos defense. I just see a long season head for vegas. So i take that under raiders washington football team their windows at eight. I'll go with over for that. Think ryan fitzpatrick provides provides a little more arm strength to that offense a little more civility but More turnovers the defense. I think the defense is going to keep them in every game this year. So much young talent. And i like the young defenses with a lot of guys in their come second years ready to make a second. Jump chase young possible defensive player of the year candidate. I don't know he's really good. And i think the defense is just going to keep getting better. With ron rivera. The vikings at eight and a half wins. I'll take the under on that. They've done a good job of kind of rebuilding retooling on the fly after they traded stefan digs but again one of the worst rush. Defenses in the nfl last year. I don't think. Patrick peterson coming to that secondary We'll turn that around much at all. They'll be able to score the will to put up points and they'll be on a hate to hang with a lot of teams that maybe they shouldn't with jefferson theline anchor cousins but against kirk cousins the roster just. Isn't there yet for me. The chargers their windows at nine. I love the over here. I love justin herbert But more so. I love brandon staley. I think he's going to be one of the best head coaches in the nfl in a few years reveals viewed as one of the best headquarters the nfl. He's exactly what they need on that defensive side of the ball often you'll put a points but if that defensive side of the ball can really step up. He's shown the ability to get the most out of his ed rushers throughout his career. Whether it's khalil mack. Or von miller and joey bosa is a possible defensive player of the year this year. I really think he can pull away with that if he gets. He's going to get a lot of sacks in that defense dolphin win. Total is at nine. I'll take the under on that That just comes down to to. Oh vilo i don't really believe in him great roster all around i think the win right around eight to nine games but the signs showed that to last year was not ready and early response from his teammates. I think those reports had something some bit of truth to them no matter what and again the patriots or during that tough division with the patriots and bills. But nine wins. I'm gonna go under on that. The patriots their win. Total is also at nine. I'll go over on that. It's a little bit of a gamble with cameroon Being starting quarterback or maybe mack jones. We don't know but the covert year took a lot of their defense away. Go bocek With something to prove. That's kind of a scary thing to think about with. Just i think what what he's going to be able to do with the game plans in everything but either way. I like the tight end editions. I like the weapons. Like the defense coming back in being more of a bill belgian style team being able to run the ball and i liked cam newton with one more shot to prove himself as a starter in this league. The pittsburgh steelers there at number nine. I'll go under on then. You've got big. Ben going into a more of a regression. You got the defense. Losing bud depre-. I think they're still a top ten unit. They've got all the pieces on all different levels but just not as good as last season. It's gonna be hard to replicate that. And we saw them get exposed at the end of the year especially in the playoffs against the bryans the browns despite their hot start and really what this bet will come down to steelers over under nine wins is if whether or not nausea harris is a difference maker. That's going to decide this bet and how far the steelers go this year because if they have a running game that will open up a lot for that offense and if najji hairs is someone you can give the ball to twenty twenty twenty-five almost thirty times a game then. The whole outlook on that team changes the cowboys at nine and a half. I liked the over. I liked them to win the nfc. East i know the cowboys but look back. He's my early one of my early comeback comeback player of the year candidates. He's a possible..

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