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The spot here. Profile profile know experience, but you've never done the job before. But people get hired for it. All the time. Not molestation you. Well. Yeah. You could say the president that that would be, you know. That'd be topical point. That's not where I was going. Color commentator. It's really hard to be good on the air. And there are so many guys that have the job that have never done it before not. Hey, let's work on some college basketball games. I or hey, you know, maybe we'll throw young players on they give your high profile enough in just retired. You get the best. Color, commentary gigs, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. You still have a background though. Yeah. Right. I mean, it's not like you've never been around sports. But I still think being around it and then applying you're you're either a natural. And you nail it or you go up. This is you know, what? I mean, there's there's guys that some of the NBA guys that I listened to ask you this like speaking color commentators. Wh what was what was who had less experienced like Tony Romo or Jason Witten coming straight from playing like Dennis Miller who had a background in entertainment had no football expertise. Yeah. Dennis Miller had less because you'd I mean, you're not expecting Dennis Miller to diagnose a play. Like, I know Romo was the thing. Everyone loved right? And then soon as everybody loves it. Then everybody found reasons to hate it. And he can be a little hyper at times. But I think it's really cool when he's pointing out stuff ahead of time that. Guys, either are free to say or can't dissect or or what you don't have to be awesome for me. I just have to think at some point. Point on a couple of things in three hours two or three things in three hours of game or two hours of a basketball game that I can't figure out what I don't like is the results based analysis where the shot goes in the play was great the players great. The is great. And if the shot doesn't go in that guy stinks. It's the wrong shot you should trust your teammates more like the playing of results color commentary is brutal or the former coach that. No coaches ever to Blake van Gundy's got a lot of that. And I actually liked the Gandhi probably as much as any single guy in any sport. But when he starts doing the it's never been any coaches fall. And he's credit. He's actually kind of admitted that at times is like, yeah. I never really think it's a coaches fall when he's fired like, oh, okay. Well, I guess you admit it. That's that's what I thought was funny about the kind of Lisa rice story member my whole, Catherine Smith thing with the bills when I present segment as well. It's just interesting now that you can't even criticize it, and then that turned into a man say something about a woman on a talk show. Well, that's that's not gonna have to fly. I think one of the stories about kind of a rice didn't even point out. The fact that Catherine Smith wasn't retained. And that's not some victory lap from me. That's me pointing out that people that arguing that kind of these rice. Well, maybe she could because Catherine Smith, and it's like, yeah, she wasn't Sean McDermott in didn't retain her on the coaching staff. So because I remember I was kind of called out for not knowing much about Catherine Smith, and I thought it was funny that the article had mentioned that that's the first thing. I thought of when I thought of this Condoleeza Rice thing, I'm like house is going to go over our people just going to be really open to it because they are interested in progress in this and that, and I I was I don't know what the proper word is. But I was I guess I was surprised that people were subdued about it. They didn't just come out and say, hey, let's be open minded this. Because like like, you know, things happen like that. And I'm going what I remember Ben lines. And I had that big argument years ago about Becky Hammon. And the argument was this. I said, you know, Becky Hammond in another male candidate or a tie, and that's pretty much..

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