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But it's like sort of the plague's much longer as well as it really helps. Kate has like a 7 foot wingspan, RJ has like a 6 8 wingspan, something like that. But with his build and size, he is someone who you would think would be able to physical his way to decent finishing. And that's something that has not really come along either. Well yeah, it's like it's the touch through contact that he doesn't like have. It seems like. Yeah. Again, though, like, do I really like RJ Barrett has been like a fucking workhorse though? Like throughout the course of his career so far. Like he doesn't really miss games, like he's tough. He his body takes the wear and tear. He's much younger than Deandre hunter. I don't know. How sad is it for this draft that we're at for? And we're like, hey, he's an innings eater. See, this is what I said, though, like, from the jump, I was like, I got to four, and I was like, I don't know. Like, do you bet on Matisse, figuring out how to shoot? This is the first bomb when I really considered Matisse. I also considered Tyler hero here. But like do we trust Tyler hero to hold up defensively in the playoffs? I don't know. I guess he's held up enough for them to get to the finals as a rookie, right? Do we trust? Do we also trust him as a consistent tough shot maker? Again, for a guy who doesn't get the basket doesn't get easy points. You know, that's sort of a tough profile. If you can do that and be efficient, it's really good. It's really hard. And it takes a lot of it takes a lot of it's a skeptical of because it's like when it's working, it looks great. Everyone thinks it's awesome. And then you look at the numbers, and this year is making every shot. So it looks great, but it's like the height of this is like Donovan Mitchell, who seems like he shot the crap out of the ball this year. And this is his first year where he's above league average efficiency. That's only barely. So it's like, that's the diet you're trying to live on. That's a tough diet. But it really is. Did you consider kelton Johnson here? Like he was my last guy that like I really can't flew into those I'll be honest, I don't totally get it with Kelvin Johnson. So no, I didn't consider him there. Like, I don't know. I think a lot of what you said about RJ so his best stuff is sort of that dependability kind of thing. And ideally, I'd be looking for more at this point in the draft, but there just might not be unless you're willing to get wild and like no, like Daniel gafford is going to be Clint capella, which is kind of why I threw them through the name out there, you know?.

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