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With a high of 85 mostly sunny on Saturday, cooler and less humid with a high of 78. Right now it's mostly cloudy. Temperatures range from 65 White plains to 74 in great neck. Midtown in 71 going down to 68. All right. Thank you. Met you're welcome. Doubly. CBS News Times, 11 10. Yeah, with the free ride is over on empty buses around New York City because affairs have been taken again now that buses are back to letting passengers on through front doors now that the has Corona virus protective measures in place for drivers. Alas, we do need to start collecting fares again. As you and others are aware the CIA is an am really serious financial situation and Now is really the time that we have to start collecting fares again, Of course, making sure that our riders you're safe on our bus operators or safe is our top priority. So while we're collecting fares were also opening up the bus a little bit to make sure that there's ah additional ability to social distance. I was New York City Transit interim President Sarah Feinberg on WCBS, saying they put up protective screens to keep drivers shielded from any possible exposure to Cove. It 19 the agency. Apparently these affairs they have been talking about cutting bus and subway service up to 40% if the PTA does not get $12 billion in federally through next year. On the sports in a minute. I met Sandy Yankees married each other's far scores go, 11 11 will hear about it in a minute and Noah game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready? Go. So, um, have you noticed how everyone's grammar is completely awful now? Like, you know, the texting in the helo Els Whatever having.

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