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Steeple traffic center the kmox forecast to four tonight cloudy skies in clearing late tonight the low fifty three sunny tomorrow the high seventy seven right now it's 73 degrees downtown at the arch we're just not quite quite there yet so i think we'll have something good and competitive asmir lie decrease in on the st louis bid for amazon second headquarters it was three weeks ago amazon set off a frenzied race amongst america's cities and cam lexus michal caloun was there today by the first public update on saintleu lewis a sales pitch amazon's 33 buildings in seattle or all downtown's do you think you're the mayor of the city that downtown st louis leads to be the centerpiece of this i did amazon wants at least five hundred thousand square feet of office space ready by 20 nineteen that would seem to point the two sites weeded stories on from the beginning by at t tower and from there the north wherever front i i think that they have to be because that that is what makes us a contender the airport for either airport for those going to be involved as an at wonderful we have to airports in saint louis with capacity i just think that's tremendous in it's certainly something that i would think jeff basis would appreciate for all economic development partnerships eeoc with sweeney jokes they'll have cots in the office soon as they crashed to me amazon's october sixteen th deadline michael kao who newsradio of twenty kmox meanwhile word that chicago's pitch for amazon announced today includes what mayor rahm emanuel calls an unprecedented coalition of more than six hundred leaders that will highlight the region's competitiveness and strength the nike air facility in st charles county expanding its planning a seventy five thousand square foot addition to its current two hundred twenty two thousand squarefoot facility in the missouri research park in weldon spring scott draining of the county's department of workforce and economic development sas nike isn't getting any incentive we appreciate nike ears uh partnership with the community in embedded we've got a pretty interesting threshold in st charles county but in this case they were there they liked where they've been or good twodecade they wanted to.

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