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He was a boxer he still training now, you know five times World Boxing Hall of Fame and I didn't want to suck and so I play baseball. So by the time I got the high schools, you know, some France was going to play try out for football. They all Play Pop Warner football. I never played. And I went there because I didn't want to box only time I went to the gym is you know, go clean up and hang out and that's where my dad kept me off the streets but boxing just wasn't one of those things off. So I learn that I can run I can hang out with you know with the with the older guys and run with them. And so and I got my high school. I started running track and she caught me a little bit out of my shell, you know, I was very quiet and shy but it got me a little attention and then I was able to travel a little bit to other schools and kind of see little things outside of my bubble. So, you know, I ran track in high school and did very well and then College this was contacted me, you know to come to school and I didn't want to go to college but my dad told me you go to college get a job will go to the military. Well, I didn't want to go to the military. I don't know what I want to do for a job, you know, cuz I wasn't interested in much. So I decided to see if I can go around track and then Long Beach City College was building their teams and they called me over to come in and run with them. And so he told me off till you decide what you want to do start your education and come run with with us because I didn't really know how those things would have worked because I want a city championships. So everybody was contacting me to come and play football and run track and I didn't quite understand, you know didn't really have a mentor to kind of tell me about this and when I was in high school coaches just was concerned about winning. The Championships that was about it. And you know when I went to high school this was back in seventy seventy eight seventy-seven seventy-eight didn't really care much about you long as she was an athlete and you were doing some good things. So track and field got me to Long Beach and then, you know, after two years of that I started to get letters and notifications and you know, we travel, you know, people were taking me around but USC and UCLA was the two schools. I wanted to attend I went to all the USC football games and all that UCLA basketball games. So I want to go to those two schools, but the problem is is that Sprinters at the time was a dime a dozen. Everybody has sprinters and everybody wants to be a sprinter's and they wanted hurdlers, you know, four hundred meter Runners and and I was a decent four hundred meter Runner, but I was dead primarily a true Sprinter. So long story short colleges was coming to the house talking to my parents Kansas brought me out to the exam pist and was willing to give me a full ride and it was beautiful campus. You know, Cory, they had the girls out there. It was awful nice out there, you know, enjoy myself until I ask how cold he got the know let me take let me let me start that over they show me they're indoor track and I don't understand. Why do you have it indoor track? Okay, but remember I never left California. I've always been in California. So you didn't need indoor stuff outside of the you know, the indoor meets wage. And it's all gets so cold sometimes, you know, you you know, you can't go out and run. That's what we'll how cold does it get? Oh, oh no thirteen to Fifteen below zero and I decided to know it's not where I wanted to go. USC was offered me, you know partial scholarship USC was offering partial my parents just you know, we just don't have the money for that. And then San Jose State popped up out of the blue and they I think they came out to LA like six or seven times. And then when they say it will give you a full-ride. You don't have to pay for anything. That's what got me to San Jose and as you know, and as I started running, you know using my training I got from Long Beach cuz I think long City gave me the best training I've ever had, you know, we did a whole bunch of other things so that had my mentality to say track and field is it so I I learned they're not only affects how to how to study in school and stay in school keep my grades up but it also learned me taught me to be competitive. And so when I came to San Jose State, you know, it was a little intimidating because they were known as speed City and you know, all the greats went to San Jose State. So, you know, I was still kind of learning about running and how how you know to hang with everyone else. So I had a good year a good couple of years of San Jose State and you know, really enjoy my college life. From you know, the junior college level to the university level and so track and field, you know, that was been been in my blood is in my blood now. I'll sit and watch it all day. Even the walk racing. I'll sit and watch walk walk racing. My wife don't understand why I sit I was going to sit there all day. So, you know that kind of set off the the basis for me with sports and.

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