Donald Trump, America, Saudi Royal discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Thirty on nine seventy ballet. The home of lightning. Hey that was that was kind of detailed, but that's that's a little bit on. Kashogi? There's much more about who he is his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. His former ties to the Saudi Royal family his departure and his opposition to them. Host of reasons of soda in other words, there's much more to this than what the simpleton drive-by, maybe is telling you, and they're going the simpleton route because they're desperate to link Trump to this killing their desperate link Trump to be sharing responsibility for it. Bye bye claiming that Trump is is. Just to loyal to this murderous Saudi regime at the expense of Americans did it. They knew is working if the wash trying to construct as they always do sets of circumstances design and make Trump look like an absolute heathen and reprobate. And it's it's it's it's kinda wearing me out. Frankly, it's still ticks me off. But it's so predictable and it's gonna fail. It's gonna bomb out. They still have no clue who Trump is. They don't know how to deal with him. They're basically problem is they think they are twenty times smarter than he is. And they have no clue anyway here is Bert in in. Maine. Welcome burt. Great to have you with us on the program. Hi. Hey, thank you. Thanks for your program. Thanks for your common sense and going across America. Appreciate that very much. Thank you longtime listener, first-time caller. I just wanted to make a couple points. Democrats are eight full of Spartak ins, Pocahontas and doc saying Dix. I think that these are state elections. And I think the worst gotta go out to vote Republican because I believe that they.

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