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Folks. I'm talking to john cox. The man that i hope will be the next governor of the state of california. Wouldn't that be amazing john You said my faith. I assume you're a christian. And when did that become important in your life. Well i actually adopted my faith as an adult. I didn't have a religion growing growing up. My mom was not religious. One iota and i always questioned where i was from and where i was going. Frankly and so I met my first wife who happen to be catholic and i adopted the catholic religion. I did it without telling her and sought instruction and and was baptized. When i was nineteen years old and now i've been electorate. My church for twenty years taught sunday school. I was don't brag. How did jimmy carter. Okay all right. That's nothing you wanna brag about. Nombre again i just. I'm just head my background. Is i got involved very much church and i felt it was very very important. I believe in my faith. And god's plan for us. I believe in god's love was shown through giving us all free will and freedom and free will is god's gift to us and it's it's in the constitution as the first freedom the the first amendment to the bill of rights is freedom of religion and that's because people came to this country seeking religious liberty and god gave us those that free will because he wanted us to love him. Because of our own choice. I want my children to love me for their own choice not to be forced but see communism. Socialism and big government doesn't want that they want to force you to do things and i think the essence of god's love is free will and that personifies itself in freedom and frankly the us is the greatest country in the history of the world because we celebrate freedom and because we have that firmly a solidified in in the bill of

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