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Oh my gosh. We are almost at the very end of two thousand nineteen. I hope it has been a positive transformative year for you. Whatever the case may be who years coming up in just a few days so that is exciting new and fresh? Now listen when you are out there trying to figure out what works for you. You're trying to set up your side-hustle your small business. Whatever it is what is the best approach? Okay you're trying to figure it out you've done inventory of your skills you've ask yourself what you like to do etc what you could get lucky. And the first thing. He tries a big success. That does happen sometimes. You know and I think nice work if you can get it all right but if it doesn't work you could take the management consulting approach and do a lot of research investing your time on the front end to avoid wasting time later later. Nothing wrong with that at all but you could also try a series of experiments. That's what we're GONNA look at. Today is a youtube channel or a blog or podcast. The best fit. What about an online line course or a dedicated social media effort or something else altogether now? It is true that you can't do it all of course but when you're learning this series of experiments might help you find what you enjoy. Why and what's most effective for you? Then you can stop doing those other things and focus on what works. Welcome to school. My name is Chris Calico and what I just explained. That's what happened in today's story. After twelve months of these experiments this career coach will look at found her ideal clients with a resume. Writing Service. Twelve months of experiments leads. Coached coached clarity. That story is coming right up. SONESTA school is brought to you by emotion hosting the same service used for several of my websites. Sooner or later your your hustle is going to need a website and you'll need reliable web host after trying a lot of different companies doing a lot of different things over the years. I now use emotion and they have an amazing deal for a limited time. You can get a complete hosted account with everything you need starting at just three dollars and ninety nine cents a month again starting at just three dollars ninety nine cents a month. Check it out outside of school dot com slash website. That's side-hustle school dot com slash website. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day at AC hotels we agree. That's why European inspired breakfast features. Shoot a slice razor thin and fresh croissants imported from France all served in our AC kitchen talk about a wakeup call. AC hotels. The perfectly precise hotel.

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