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What are they going to trade them for all this stuff? I guess you really have to reconcile that if you do trade them assuming it's going to be purely for futures. That is going to create such a tremendous whole and that might not matter because even with him playing well so well so far this season, there's 7 13 and four so it's not like it's gotten them that far and necessarily. But I think it's important to kind of contextualize how important of a mainstay he's been for this team this past two seasons. Yeah, and you know, I need to be careful. You know, like when you watch one team every night, you get into echo chamber, right? And Meyer has been so dominant. Hey, maybe it's because the sharks are, as you noted, are not very good. And so they need to give them, they need them to take over that shot chair, that sort of thing, right? But the last couple of years I noticed with hikma that any line you put them on has immediately become the sharks best offensive line. You know, last year he started a season with Logan couture and Jonathan Dolan. And that was through the first month, the sharks best lying. You know, Jon and Dahl and people were talking about him being a call their candidate. And once they took team off that line, both Logan couture's numbers and Jonathan Dolan's numbers fell in couture's defense, you know, basically, if you take Mario away from them, the sharks have a lot of sort of suboptimal offensive wingers to put to place with a couture. But anyway, Meyer is the kind of guy that I believe. And again, this is the echo chamber part. Maybe I'll be proven wrong if you put them on a different team. But you put them on whatever line you put them on, you give them a semi competent center and that's going to be a legit top 6 scoring line. And again, that's not something that I think you can say about a lot of players in this league. It just sort of the variety of skills that you know has in terms of just carrying the puck up from one end to the other and creating space. You know, obviously when he's creating shock for himself and just like Eric Carlson, he's not just creating space for himself if the defense is focused on a team of art that creates space for everybody else. And so again, there aren't a lot of players. Again, you put them on a line that you have an instant kind of an instant offense line. And so I'm actually curious to see, obviously, like watching T mo and I like dealing with email, so I would love for him to stay on the sharks. But I would be curious to see though if he has that same kind of effect in another city.

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