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Hey all you cool cats and kittens. It's Lila can't with around with. We have a super dope guest today. She is poised. She is elegant and she is a gangster when it comes to taking the wrath of La can't her name is Raquel motherfucking. How I got to tell you the reason I'm excited by having Raquel on is the fact you to have all this stuff going on about whatever to go at it or whatever whatever and she is the sweetest human and you have the biggest heart in the world. So I don't understand any of this shit but I am excited to have her because I don't recall that well I know obviously just saying hi at different things yeah totally. I'm excited to get to know her because she's always so nice to me so genuine so and I'm sure you too. We'll talk and we'll hear that part of it but yeah I. I'm just glad you tour are talking in friends. And whatever was we'll we'll get into but I gotta tell you Raquel you know there's a lot of people on your show a lot of different personalities and Raquel from day one no matter what has been going on behind so so sweet so let me ask you a question This Lala Randall. Soon to be Mrs Lawa seem to be. We're in we're in quarantine here on week. Three hundred. Yeah it's getting it's getting. Oh Am I right to say that when we first got into quarantine? I had just gotten home so you already a weekend. Yes I got home day one. I think I wanted to full depression. Like what is going on. What just happened and you already had been in like a week. We to as like bouncing off the walls going nuts renting. Rv's you know going our house in Palm Springs Blah Blah Blah. You were happy as a clam. I saw you drawing every day. You have four hundred coloring books here in front of us right here you've got lizard. You're drawing you've got. I don't know you've got states and countries you were having the time of your life. Yes not only. Were you coloring them? We built our. We extend our pickle ball court right and now we've been blamed pickle ball that's been awesome totally so professional colors professional pickle ball player swimmer. Step mom everything and you have been the best attitude and I've been in it like the even pms while in Corinth okay. That was a rough as that. But we made it through all that and you kept a great attitude totally yesterday yesterday. Yeah I feel like you hit the wall. Yeah I'm hitting a wall today today. Only color give myself so many facials before I wanNA shoot everybody okay. I'm looking at you at least you're admitting it because you have had the most positive attitude maybe to you everyday. I've been has antisocial so for me it's like Oh don't leave your houses I'm like are you weeks of no jim three weeks of not seeing any friends any of your friends. Yeah is takes a toll. Yeah I mean all of my friends are homebodies so like if we don't see each other for a minute like at least we text and whatnot. The Gym is killing me. Jim Is Jim sets the tone for my whole day and I wanna Tell People. People don't know this so normally our schedule is we wake talked about this. We did we have so. You're me repeat it. I would prefer to talk about something different if we've already spoken about trauma repeater though okay. Okay but going backwards just saying when you go to the gym. It is your first win to the day after your calls. Yes and I've told people a hundred times. If I don't have a trainer I am not working out. My ass is getting flat. I've lost weight. You have lots wait. Is that a bad thing. I mean you're skinny already people they're like. Oh that's great me. I want thick thick asks. And I don't WanNa frigging thigh gap you know. I'm trying to be thicky thick pitch over here. Which is why. Yeah so I squatted lot. It's why eat a lot but I think it's because Jenna works my ass out so hard. It's my body is like meeting fuel all the time. I just want to preface whatever however you say your look right now I you look stunning thank you. I think you look beautiful every day. And that is the truth and you know. I say that they link you but what I do want to say is. We've hit this wall bonus. Yeah and we're looking outside. It's pouring rain right now and we're just like you know when does it and and we don't like him in the walking dead kind of yes like this is our. This is our base camp and the kids are the walkers because there's stuck at home all day everybody stuck. Are we hear them coming up the stairs?.

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