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They're one player way defensive tackle some they don't have too much of this guy watching some of this tape he shows flashes of being like a whole odi nada guy he's six four three forty seven as a monster and he's fast and he's quick you know so i think this is this is just what you cargo needs i could see them going at a couple of different ways i could see them go mink patrick year or something like that but i could see them also go into attack i'm gonna i'm gonna go with that pick i think he's a guy that's kind of florida under the radar but yeah big kid from washington and we go ahead at number nine san francisco forty niners don't be mentioning my guy clear need and you know having this guy available at nine is is good for them i'm gonna go defensive back alabama mika fitzpatrick he's a perfect fit for this defense something that they clearly need you know there's still some interesting names on this board but not in positions that san francisco needs all right i'm up again and the oakland raiders this team is is under a whole new regiment obviously they have the they brought in what's his name grew gerda and they they brought in jon gruden coming back for a second is second tenure there in black in the black and silver and he's he's making a bunch of changes and i think he's going to start focusing on building that defense and i think you start with the inside linebacker position and that's why i'm gonna go with tremaine edmonds from virginia tech obviously he's a good he's a good blend of size athletic ability i think he's just a great great piece to add in the middle of that defense which has been a gaping hole i know they had navarro navarro bowman and i mean he was on a one year deal and he played.

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