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Jim Rome podcast tomorrow. The original podcast. Moviemaker? Billy Corgan is gonna be my guest, and he's got new movie called screwball. A watched it yesterday. It's funny. It's really funny. It's funny as the Royd era could be a major league baseball can tell by the title of it kind of worry comes out with it. And the way he approached it a Rod's right in the middle of it does not look good at all for a rod man ram anything that involves man ram. Taking drugs is of interest to me. Tony Bosch biogenesis that needs a little room to breathe. So that's going to be tomorrow. Jim Rome podcast drops tomorrow. Look for that. Dear rome. Yeah. I remember when Carmelo was a factor. I was just a young lad listening to the Jim Rome show. And I remember it like it was yesterday. Kurt Warner was in the final chapter of a great career, Ken Griffey junior was still playing ball and doing steroids. And Vicki no Cal was actually a factor on smack off day, man. Those were the days Tyler in shred Minton salary. You gotta be careful about what you're thrown out there. Ken Griffey junior was still playing ball and doing steroids. Griffey and Royds. How do you know that? Can you just throw that out there? Anyway, speaking of roads, that's really interesting that he said that right after I said what I said about tomorrow's episode of the Jim Rome podcast now there are guys doing Royds to be sure guys associated with biogenesis guys like man ram guys. Like a rod. It's amazing part of this movie were a-rod says he gets a meeting with Tony Bosch and a-rod says in Iran already been busted a-rod had already lied on national TV about Royds, and then he gets a meeting with Bausch. And he says give me what you gave Manny. And he'd already been busted. And the day rod wanted to get to eight hundred home runs. And then the only thing more amazing is how despicable that was how bad that guy. Looked in. The fact that everybody hated a-rod is now everybody loves a rod. And why is that because it all comes around because of his celebrity girlfriend because he ends up on TV and talks baseball pretty intelligently? I really don't know. But if you watch this movie, you won't love a-rod. But no junior Ken Griffey junior was not linked Tyler. Until you linked him to Royds. Junior. That's not me. That's Tyler and treadmills, and he can own that one. He can wear that. He said I remember like it was yesterday. I was a young lad listening to the Jim Rome show. Kurt Warner in the foul chapter of a great career Vikyno Cal actually a factor on smack off day, man. Those were the days Tyler interrupt, Milton. Robert tweets. Hey melo. Would you mind stepping outside the vehicle and check out the brake lights? Sincerely, the rockets team bus. Shannon like that. Shooting end like that in the middle of the season after ten games. Jeff tweets mellow. Don't listen to Rome. It's nowhere near over yours. Seattle Seahawks legend, Jerry Rice. That's the risk. You run. Listen, when I think of Jerry Rice, I think of him as a forty Niner. We're not okay. When I think of Jerry Rice, I think of a few things. Hindia forty Niner him running that hill him getting as much out of his ability as anybody ever has and him coming on the set in wind lotion up his feet before an interview with us. All true stories. Mom was a little bit different different by different. I mean in all the millions of injuries. I've done nobody ever ask for foot lotion before we start our conversation. I mean, I dunno weird weird stuff. But amazing player that can make an argument that he's in the top five NFL players ever. And no, I don't think of him as a Seattle Seahawk. But you run that risk when you're bouncing around putting on uniforms. Don't look, right. You're trying to hang on. And you're chasing something. Whether it's your padding stats, you're chasing the ring you chasing money. They've gotta rip that jersey off your chest. Whatever it is you run that risk of wrecking your legacy. Now that said it's their legacy. If they want to wreck their legacy, let them it's their legacy is not ours. You don't want to think about mellow being a rocket for ten games. I mean, you think about him as a nugget you can think about him as a knick. You can think about him as a Syracuse Orangemen can think about him being a member team USA. I don't wanna think about mellow spending four games with some scrub team with the bomb the conference for the raiders going. That's what's gonna happen. If they're quote exploring their options. What options are left? One eight hundred sixty six eight six eight six. Fabian. You never know what you're gonna get from Fabian. Let's find out Los Angeles Fabian Fabian. What's up Romi? What's up with that question? Honestly man dogs dog says, you know, you know, even wait more than I do what's up with that bad?.

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