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This'll be the Rams thirty six snap at a game. They trailed fifteen six seconds and one of their own fourteen motion man would say hand up early hit from behind down. He goes. But he's going to get the first down just a seven yard rushing today. Six first downs and six yards rushing in that first three quarters for the Rams the bears with one hundred sixty three yards rushing. Tom one hundred tasks the Rams are predictable. One the centers under the quarterback is on the Senate girlies is in the far formation two hundred twenty three of his carries. Come with a five one average when they're in shock. The only S ten so it's definitely the way the defense. Thanks by the right. The formation crowds really loud right now. Randy their own sixteen right back there under center play fake off to girly hit comes thrown away. Over the top Gurley was covered by MAC out of the backfield. The heat on guy they are not letting at quarterback breathe while you know, what the one thing about that Danny trevathan and roquan spitball to is they rush very well against backs in one backs have to get in there in either kind of put up a good force against them. They they have maneuverability in the backfield and they're fast enough to retrace their steps and get into the face of the quarterback McManus nickel can hand NAT returning with that leg injury Reynolds has the longest play for the Rams have fourteen play clock to seven GOP under center has to ship woods to the right way clock winding down from a sixteen yard line under center the snap. Takes turns given a girly got an opening Kamara. Closes down a corner along with McManus back there, and it gets across the twenty-five is best round of the day. You'll get a first down near the twenty nine yard line of Los Angeles. Let's see the prime market, epi. They haven't put it down yet. Put it at the twenty eight man, they just overwhelmed the left hand side of defense had four blockers against three defenders early back. There trio to the right singer receiver to their side Rams right till app trailing. Fifteen. Six cops. Intercepted three times sacked twice once by MAC and forced a fumble. And once by Eddie, Goldman Sachs them in the end zone on a safety. Fifteen six pairs under center. Gawk takes turns off reverse action. It's girly skipping across the thirty yard line. Now back to that Kerry's. He'll get near the thirty four and a pickup of about six yards. Roquan Smith on the tap where they brought the end around as a fake and they're just trying to determine our the bears contain responsible responsible guys making sure they don't have that outside edge running play Hicks. Also, stop roquan the leading tackler right now. It's six at second and four from his thirty four yard line Rams down nine. They've got the ball. Right. Till that comes. Again, we're under thirteen to go on the game on the play fake. Here comes McManus on the blitz and festival. Nobody particular there's no receiver around Reynolds was in bears territory on the air side. But no flag out yet. Throw it all they're calling ain't now way. Boy. Oh, boy, that's ridiculous site. You know, what the thing about it is the reason it's legal ground because the pressure was in a space so quickly. I just had to get rid of the ball. I mean, he's twenty yards away from that. Right. S not even catchable third down at four. Catchable? Yeah. No one's close crowd buzzing here at Soldier Field. Third down at four. Monsters of the midway defense. Playing a terrific game. One of eight on third down. Here's the snap. Back in a tight pocket. Throws it over the mid autumn. Passes pot for a first down by Everett. The tight end gets near the forty two or three yard line. I'm a right hash. And the Rams around the move now to pick up nine Danny trevathan on the tackle. They have four you know, they've really spread out there formation. So now, they got Leonard forty can't rush the passer. He's got coverage responsibility stretched out away from the opportunity to actually passer. So now, they're trying to take some rushers away from the site of golf Warner's off safeties deep guy first and ten from this forty three yard line. Takes the snap settles in back to throw hit as he throws out of there by the bears Everett. The tight end pressure came on Gough, and it was poked out of there on the play by Leonard Floyd in coverage on the tight end every second attent nice job by Leonard Floyd is making sure you're in a legal response. Coverage position. But as soon as the receiver touches you have to explodes towards him. And that's what Leonard Floyd did any never allowed the offense of receiver to control the ball into his body. Rams huddled up football resting on the right half their operating right till after the noisy Soldier Field. Pairs have the fourth quarter league team six. Every game this year. They've had a lead in the four in the second half snap now. Gop under center motion man woods play fake to the pocket settling ain't gonna go short. Girly closing the door tackle from Floyd. Curly just hammers through amukamara and runs out of bounds in front of the bears bench in just shy of the forty five yard line of the bears. And now Leonard. Is trying to get himself fixed up bent over and in some sort of discomfort coming to the sidelines. He missed that tackle on girly. And that's happened. A lot in this league. With number thirty run of the put ball gain of ten. I intend now bears territory for the Rams Goth goes to work coming out of the extra hit as he throws over the middle caught by woods. When I wake from MAC getting an angle, Eddie Jackson, all the way inside the bear twenty and a run to the right? Rams now getting it together on this drive. He picks up Twenty-nine longest play today. One of those dangerous crossing routes thought there'd be more of them. But again, he got Khalil Mack. Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson all chasing, the faster receiver. In the red zone at the bare seventeen ROY Robertson Harris hustles off the field. They're entering the north end of the field at Soldier Field under center out there at one edge with MAC giants taking their time nine of the play clock. We're going to take time out. It looks like Sean McVay on the far side of the field. Does burn one or in the fourth quarter eleven oh seven to go in the game. Burst charge came out. Los angeles. Team. Six pairs have the lead earlier MAC had a forced fumble they gave myself so with that sex score huge savings at grant appliance TV grant, apply to TV, you make it home. They make a grand like it seems like this Dr here that.

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