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There's usually a shooting shooting of the night before shooting weather, they take turns. And then it's so funny because it seems like both, you know, in in locally at the national level politics seems to drop stuff on Friday. Oh, yeah. Everyone wants to go home and enjoy their weekend where they drop it on a Friday thing. Okay. Let's drop this listen. And so there's always good sound bites coming out of Frankfurt when you get that we got the teacher things settled. Now, we're talking about second amendment rights. Yes. Gosh, I don't even think we got the teacher stuff settled on. No. I mean break. Wow. Will next week who boy, I'm just I'm glad that. I don't want something done here. I think once I'm done here at nine o'clock. I go work into the gig. And you know, it's kind of nice to take a break from all tell everyone. I do not check my Email. I hope no one ever emails me through the work Email on a Saturday night because you will hear back. That's right. That's that's like the that's like the voicemail. Do not not even I have to put on my voicemail messages. Look, I am going nine hundred different directions. I checked my voicemail just so I can get rid of little icon. That tells me I have voiced my mom finally got it. My mom would call and she would leave me one hundred long. I mean one hundred on voicemail. Alec mom, just text me. And finally, she's up to texting. Now, you're probably is not. Yeah. Up for your mother, would I call her on a regular basis when I can talk. I just don't like to feel rushed when I talked to my mom. And so now, my wife, and I text more now, which is nice because she was the type that if she gave me direction somewhere is she'd have I'm like, can you just give me the address no Google it? And I'll put it into my, you know, my phone, and I'll go that route. No, she has to tell me or go down here, turn left go. If you go up here now don't turn left their hangar right here. My ADD is in for you go I can't deal with and and if you see the McDonald's you've gone too far. Exactly. Exactly. So the same thing is like with what you're saying it with emails. I mean, I love Email in every job. I've had a love. I love it because especially now with brooms outlook. It's so easy to just typing keywords and go to it. We're so busy. I mean, don't call me. Please. Don't call me. I'm going. I'm going every which way I'll forget what I talked to you about it took me so long to break Tony crews that does not surprise me over into your phone. Let your first name. Then why do you keep call right yet hand? Finally, I got you love Tony. We do it finally got like, dude. Just text me, bro. Text me. And you know, I I get so much. I am by far more productive with no. Face to face talk. Yes. There's a time and a place for that. I understand that. But I am far more productive on routine stuff for the day. If we're just emailing or texting Email, the preferred method, I hate my phone. You know, Joe I really do. Yeah. I started this thing now, and I'll do it again today where I'm watching sporting events where I'll put the used to stay on Twitter. What people are saying, especially NASCAR fans of the worst. I mean, they will cry and moan about every little thing. And I finally you know, what I put the phone down. And I just listened to DWI and Jeff Gordon and Mike joy talk NASCAR. And I enjoy it. And I I was telling Paul Rogers that and he goes. When you watch basketball. I do Paul. I've started that now, and I just decompress now and will Clark told me the trick on how to set your VCR. So you can turn on Paul Rogers VCR..

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