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And an array of flood warnings rivers burst banks and threaten to do so there were reports of deaths directly linked to the storm with one driver in the Czech Republic killed after his car was hit by a tree a man also died early Monday in Sylvania when a tree fell on his car in Sweden a man drowned late Sunday after the boat he and another person were sailing in on the southern on on a lake capsize the victim washed ashore and later died stocks closing out the week a Friday with their vast weekly gain since June that in spite of Friday's slide stocks coming off of forty rally as traders tempered worries about the economic fallout from the corona virus outbreak the SMP closing the week at thirty three twenty seven the Dow at twenty nine thousand one oh two the nasdaq settled at ninety five twenty the labor department this week will issue its snapshot of job openings in December we should get that on Tuesday we will get that on Tuesday of pepsico will serve up its fourth quarter results on Thursday in the commerce department reports its tally of January retail on Friday that day will be closely watched well Republicans are gearing up for their annual sea pac convention as president trump hits the campaign trail acquitted of impeachment charges in the Senate C. pack chairman match lap telling full court press with Greta van Susteren that Republican senator Mitt Romney's it free to attend a C. pack but that this year he fears for the senators safety it we won't credential him as a conservative I suppose if he wants to come as a non conservative and debate an issue with us maybe in the future we would have him come this year I would actually be afraid for his physical safety people so mad at him I think it's the biggest problem we have with Mitt Romney is not that he's just an individual following his political course is the fact he's lied so continuously to conservatives he's a user might lose some kind of guy when he needs a conservative like down from to endorse them in his Senate primary last time he wanted to men right to Utah but then when he gets the Senate job he wants to distance himself from trump same thing you did to the C. pack audience we ran for president he said he was going to be an extreme conservative that he was the most conservative guy in the world and we came to see pack after after two thousand twelve he doesn't want to have anything to do with us what people think as they watch a state of the union the president walks in and it appears that he that he didn't accept the handshake that speaker Pelosi extended him and then she at the and rips up very obviously rips up his speech before the American people think well I will just say this I've talked to president trump about Nancy Pelosi and I always wondered why at the beginning of all this when she took over and have the gavel in the house he really liked her and he would always wishing he never really went after never came up with a nickname for her it really took impeachment for that relationship to rupture and I think it's too bad I think they actually could have gotten a big infrastructure package passed I think they could have done some things I think I'm forcing that conference for her there is no wiggle room to work with the president I think if she works with the president A. O. C. will take her out and I think that's why they're in their impeaching the president because of the politics of the internal democratic caucus Romney has been shunned by most out Republicans for his vote to convict president trump on impeachment charges of former police sergeant out of Philadelphia's been released from jail after four years in a dispute over what's stored on a pair of hard drive no circuit court in Harrisburg guys ordered France's role set free without facing charges he'd been detained because he refused to unlock two of his hard drives for investigators who suspected he had stored child **** on them the appeals court ruled late last week that federal law prevents anyone from being held more than eighteen months for civil contempt prosecutors they disagree saying he's a witness who is refusing to cooperate with a lawful request the exogenous maintained he doesn't know the passwords for the devices speaking of tacky ever find yourself tagged in a Facebook post you didn't want to be tagged in well in Illinois way some of them fought back Adam hasn Carlo Licata and the message the telephone the Illinois residents who claim such tagging breaks the state's strict biometric privacy law it allows people to sue companies that fail to get consent before harvesting data including through facial and fingerprint scanning the three plaintiffs among those listed in the suit which Facebook settled for five hundred and fifty million dollars privacy advocates hailed the law's the nation's strongest protection in the commercial use of such data and it's survived efforts by the tech industry and other businesses to weaken it you can fast back all eyes are on this case as Americans get fed up with their data being passed around anybody and everybody who wants it other twenty twenty Oscar ceremony kicking off Sunday evening with a lively comedic intro by Steve Martin Chris rock they targeted everything topics wide ranging the Iowa caucuses Amazon's at Jeff phase of even the academy's own lack of diversity among this year's nominees great actor and the bank.

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