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No, absolutely. Not don't have an optical drive. I am going to try and figure out a way to get it done. Like, if the the videos are on YouTube or something I can stream it somehow I can buy digital version. But ultimately long term. I don't think the results I have in the back of my head. A an eight-pack. Sure a line with reality of what's happening as a thirty five year old dad yet in the see the problem with workout DVDs is that every time you go online to try and find reviews, everything is very positive. Of course, remember tai-bo? I served Billy blanks ribs in highschool, really. Yeah. That's true. You know? I mean, where's he now? I assume west Hills California, but I don't know what kind of staying power. Does this work out? Really have what kind of transformational power? Does it have Kennett transform you in a timely fashion. So that you don't lose your patience. I think Billy blanks is is it only links banks blanks. O P L A N K S. I think Billy blanks is not like Olsen twin wealthy. But I think he's chase Daniel wealthy and be like I have not seen him do much lately. How much is he? Well, he is worth a lot of money. He's wearing a yellow singlet on the video that I pulled up here on YouTube. Really? Yeah. Billy blanks over thirty million dollars. Well, how good for Billy that might be worth about Scott for us to be honest. So I feel like the results will happen with Scott frost thirty, and he'll Scott frost DVD's, I feel like there will be noticeable impressive results. Okay. Eight-pack gigli PEX. Thunder. Cavs power gluts. I don't know. I don't know if I'm getting to be an apex predator with Scott frost power p ninety x DVD's. I don't think I'm there. I'm not becoming decay Metcalf. And us, I believe Nebraska tops out at ten and two nine three. Interesting system. Really? Yeah. Impressive. Huge physical transformation turnaround. Eight-pack and power, glued saddle. No. I'm not saying it, do you? Remember the guy from that MTV show? What was it the one where they want the perfect body? Oh, the the the cap surgery, and he had the calf in plants. I don't know if that was made or something it was it was a cousin of made. Yeah. I don't know what got me thinking about that. We've really covered some ground here. Thunder. Cavs Billy blanks to it was true life true-life for life. And yeah, you Google calf implants MTV it shows up right away. I think about that monthly tie. I'm going to read you according to complex. Yeah. And you just based on these titles and you can't choose calf implant guy. Okay. Complex has the greatest MTV true life characters of all time. So I'm going to say true life, and I'm going to do post coal, and I'm going to tell you true life Kolon. Okay. Ready? Sure. True life. I have a hot mom. True life. I'm addicted to sex true-life a medicinal to food true-life. I hate the government true-life fan. Boy. True life. I'm a street racer. Okay. Shout out to the civic. Sure. True life. I'm dead broke true life. I live on the border true life. I'm a sex offender true life. I'm getting unusual.

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