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A witness says the Walmart supervisor who shot and killed 6 coworkers in Virginia seemed to target people and shot some victims after they were already hit and appeared to be dead. The witness says workers were gathered in a Walmart break room to begin their overnight ship late Tuesday when team leader Andre Bing entered and began shooting with a handgun, while other witness has described being a shooting wildly the witness says she observed him target certain people. A court in Beijing ascends Chinese Canadian pop star Chris whoo to 13 years in prison on charges, including rape, the trial of the former member of the South Korean group exo was closed to the public to protect the alleged victim's privacy. The court today said Wu was sentenced for a 2020 rape and for the crime of assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity in a 2018 event, the court said the three victims and the rape case had also been drunk and were unable to consent. News time, 7 46, time to see a Christmas Carol at Goodman theater through December 31st. Now look at sports coming off one of their best wins of the year over the bucks, the bulls are back with a hardwood tonight in Oklahoma City facing the thunder that looked to repeat that strong defensive performance they had against Milwaukee, Billy Donovan. I thought overall we really battled like Alex had a big charge, I thought our guys put their bodies in place. Clearly they're one of the biggest teams in the league. And you have to you have to be physical as best you can and part of being physical is being the right position. Bulls and thunder this evening, they'll tip off at 7 p.m. now to the ice Blackhawks will look to break a 5 game losing skid against Montreal this afternoon. USA faces England and the World Cup today coming up at 1 o'clock around defeated Wales earlier today with a two to zero thing final and the bears prepare to take on the jets on Sunday while it's still not known who the starting quarterback will be, Justin Fields listed as day today or exclusive live coverage begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday at 7 48, traffic and weather together on the 8th, there's no fury. You have the green light at most of the roadways, there are a couple of issues of the northwest verbs will start in Palatine with the lays on northwest highway as you approach the southbound route 53 entrance ramp that's all due to a crash involving a vehicle that hit a light pole. Arlington Heights the intersection of the northwest highway in wilkie closed due to damage to the railroad gate, so to get around that area, use Euclid or Arlington Heights road instead. As far as the expressways go you're looking good along the Eden's on both sides. The Kennedy at good ride to and from the airport, no worries on Iowa 90 SEO here extension that takes you to and from the terminals you're clear. The Eisenhower looking good on both sides between I 90 and the bird interchange. Just a 31 minute trip in 13 minutes to and for mannheim, Stevenson and I should light back and forth between three 55 and dusan lakeshore drive on 55 year nicely clear through will county, both northbound and south bum. The Dan Ryan looks like we have a new issue coming in bond at the Stevenson with a crash on the exit ramp. The outbound side of the day on Ryan is nice and clear. Keep in mind if you're making your way out on the Ryan, the ramp to the Stevenson to head out on down to one lane still. I 57 as roadwork set up the rod I 80, but you're looking good, despite of that, the bishop Ford is fine on both sides, you saw the lakeshore drive moving along, São Paulo, at least one lane is blocked at foster. That is due to long-term construction on the tri state toll while you're looking good in both directions. Light traffic along the Jane Addams tollway and on the Reagan. Pretty low stress on three 55 this morning. That's the veterans memorial toe away. Route three 90 and route 53 both in excellent shape as you make your way east bond along I 80, history prepared for a lane shift between Chicago street and Briggs also the exits to Richards closed and that will continue through late fall. You can exit before you get to that point at Chicago street. 1894 65, the toll road all good in northwest Indiana. Trouble free on the Chicago skyway on both sides. Your next traffic report 7 58 whose radio one O 5 9. Neil

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