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Is allowing up to 750 family members of the team and staff to watch the game in person. It does suggest assigning seats, so if there is a case of Kobe in the crowd, contacts can easily be traced. Theeighty HS says. This is a bigger crowd that allowed under current guidelines that believes this group has already had some contact with one another. You could read Mohr at jr dot com. Scottsdale has rescinded its mask mandate, but Mayor Jim Lane says he's confident Scottsdale residents will continue to mask up going back to the voluntary one with a plea to people to make sure that they're attending to their personal safety and hygiene as well as consideration of our civic responsibility to other Mayor, Lane says he rolled back the order because Kobe 19 positivity and hospitalization. Rates have been trending down, but Scottsdale is still covered by the Maricopa County Mask mandate. The Navajo Nation has reissued a stay at home order and stricter daily and weekend walk down hours due to new increases in covert 19 case is directly related to travel off the Navajo nation and family gatherings were social distancing in the wearing of facemasks was not enforced. Stay at home order will run through September. 29th order also implements a full 57 our weekend locked down from a PM this Friday until 5 a.m. on Monday. Gatherings of more than five people are strictly prohibited. Can the nationwide the Corona virus is killing more minorities than a zoo? Matter of fact, it's killing minorities at about 1.5 times faster rate than it's killing whites that from Atlantic's covert tracking project, the Mayo Clinic doctor finds they're less likely to work at home because their jobs need them in person, and they have less access to healthcare. For pre existing conditions that could worsen Koven Nineteens impact on now for a check on traffic live from the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Aside from Simone going roadwork, it's smooth sailing on valley freeways and surface streets. No crashes reported at this hour. Katie our weather for the valley down to 78 tonight, Back upto 104 tomorrow right now. 91 degrees in Phoenix. Whether brought to you by Howard Air, whether Replace repair call Howard Air. I'm Deborah Dale on errors on his news station, Katie our news. You get a whole lot of great news is happening at Career institute Tuna campus is approved for online classes and respiratory therapy,.

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