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Shimmying in the studio. Tony cats, ninety three WIBC that's Terry. Stacey on your neighbor, you could fill hearing. He's got something I brought in for Tatas and pastry for the for the building. Well, not, not for the Indianapolis monthly people, screw them. But for the radio people. Oh, yeah. I didn't do any with those people. What did they done for me? Where is I'll tell you what they've done for you. They let you have that bathroom upstairs between one. And they didn't. I took it. They moved in. We have two minutes show and so what's, what's age? What's our producer? He's supposed to do its part of the gig. It is part of the game. You gotta go. You gotta go. That's how it works. That's why the bathrooms there, there are bathrooms across from the studios for the people who do the shows. Right. So they don't have to walk down. That's what it's there for. It's not there just for look here in the building was built, and it was never mentioned that, that's why they were put well then then they lie to you. Then they lie to you. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We marked territory like fuck urinating on the field or did lifted a leg right there in the corner, and every bit of it. How, how dare you advocate for yourself and your producer Tony cats. Honestly, sometimes building is ridiculous. But I love half the people in this building. And that's why I bought them today and Indianapolis monthly people, when's the last time they cover story, Terry Stacey. Oh, well, let's see I rest my bed in a magazine for the monthly. I'm just saying, where's the love where's the love? They, they can watch them the outside as as, as we eat, you just perp do that things trying to get out of your ears. What happened? What I do is a sound. You were talking is on. Oh, I should feel better not feel better. That's what he got. I'm your neighbor, your neighbor. This is a fantastic program, and it's brought to you by family heating and air conditioning. Serving the central Indiana, Indiana, Indiana. From the east coast area since nineteen Eighty-three.

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