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Well. Lightning got away with the first period by with a one nothing lead. On a five on three and no penalties against the lady, which is really unusual, But you know my theory I you scored on five on three. Yep. 80% 85% you win the game. General Colton at center ice. Shot attempts were dead. Even 18 18 shots on goal. 15 11 lightning, But I thought that she was good. Yeah. Jenner wins the face off. Gawronski is gonna chase the puck behind his own net bombs it for Jones in the near corner, fumbled it a bit. McDonough trying to hold this in Love circle, Joseph he stripped by Jones. We'll deal for Nicolino with in your corner. Run to the far side and Jones stutter steps to center ice spends it for rent. Skeel guide it in. Xia, first to it behind the Lightning net. Xia is tied up by Colton headed to Jones of the right point that came out of the zone. He puts it back in Luk Shan will have an easy out here to center ice and maroon. The left wing puts it in behind the blue Jackets. Net. Gawronski got it away from Joseph. It is clearing attempt blocked by cold molds and left circle. Past the Flex to Matthew Joseph was circle. Process circuit separate circle. To settle the fuck down. He sounded by fully know he'll deal from maroon by the Columbus net. Keeps it moving for cold Left corner. Ross Colin is double teamed, Lose the pluck to Jenner spins it out. Out of the way down the ice, though Columbus not get a full change McDonough in the meantime, in a counter for maroon, but offside behind it was Yanni Gord..

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