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But first let's get you caught on washington governor. Jay inslee won a third term. He received sixty percent of the vote in the initial results. And joe biden one. Washington's twelve electoral votes on election day there were demonstrations a few hundred black lives matter protesters shutdown intersections in downtown seattle and south lake union tuesday night speakers during the demonstration said the call for racial equality will go on no matter who wins the white house and take care. A third wave of the kobe. Pandemic is ruling over washington more than one hundred and ten thousand people have now been diagnosed in the state and new cases are increasing. We're now seeing nearly seven hundred cases every day. That's close to our previous record back in july. It was a big night for races. Up and down the ballot. Just under four million people cast votes here in washington. They'll decide everything from who represents them in congress to how the king county sheriff's department is run. Kenya ws amy. Radel spent election day reporting on all of it and is here to break it down. Hey amy thank you yeah. You're welcome all right well before we get started. I want to note and this is big duty for you. We're taping this episode at three. Am on wednesday. So i thanks a lot and if you're a listener later in the day things may have changed so you can check k. o. w. dot org for the most recent national and local election results. All right amy so as of right now there are few things we know for sure. We're going to go for five things in fact that people should know number. One governor. jay inslee has won. A third term. Inslee is leading republican challenger. Lauren cult by twenty points in initial returns. Amy it's the first time. Washington governor's won a third term in almost fifty years. The last time was republican. Dan evans in one. Thousand nine hundred. Seventy two most of injuries visibility. This year has been his response to the pandemic. Did this help him while he was certainly in the public eye with almost daily press conferences. starting last spring So i take these results to mean that most voters feel like he's been striking the right balance or the best he can with all the very agonizing choices that covert has brought around public health and the economy. Yup the seattle now team took to calling inslee. Washington's dad throughout this pandemic his challenger culpo was very critical of the lockdowns and the mask mandate any add a lot of buzz on the ground. Many yard outside of the city of seattle but it seems like ultimately his message didn't resonate. What are you take away from that. Well i think maybe it didn't resonate in northwest washington. You know he won almost all the counties in eastern and south western washington At least in these initial results. But he didn't win. In the region that carries the most votes speaking of governor us representative denny heck defeated marco. Leah's for the governor's second-in-command lieutenant governor with forty seven percent of the vote. Emmy i served in the state legislature in the seventies. He said he was going to retire from congress. And now he's back. What exactly will be doing as lieutenant governor. Well he'll be presiding over the state senate and he'll fill in for governor jay inslee If he's out of state or can't serve for any reason. I'm you know there had been a lot of speculation about inslee. Possibly taking post in a biden administration opening the way for the lieutenant governor to take his place Heck has said if that did happen and there was a special election he would not seek. The governor's job yet. A lot of chatter about inslee leaving for a new administration. Potentially all right. So the second thing i wanted to ask you about this morning. Amy is how democrats and republicans are doing in the state. It seemed like it was a pretty good night for democrats. It was a good night They kept their control of statewide offices from governor to attorney general They may have unseated. The republican state treasurer only. The secretary of state's race is too close to call right now. the democratic party chair teen public hausky says right now. The democrats are gaining strength in suburban districts. You see the changing demographics of washington state suburbs. And i think that's why you'll see us. Pick up at least to a state fantasies as forty six state house and republicans are recognizing the sheer numbers in urban and suburban king. County are a real barrier for them right now. Here's republican party chair. Caleb heimlich clearly. We've gotta do better in king county I think what i saw. There was Cope with about twenty three percent. We just can't be competitive state wi with that margin in king county. He says they're going to work to recruit better candidates. And do more outreach. In king county all right so king county. I'm glad you brought this up. Because the third thing we wanted to talk about this morning where the two really important charter. Amendments on the ballot and king county both related to the sheriff's office both are passing right now amendment five would allow the sheriff to be appointed by the king county executive council amendment. Six would allow the king county council to change the structure and duties of the sheriff's office. Amy these charter. Remembrance seem like they could before jd from the black lives matter protests and the demands to change policing are they While the move to appoint the sheriff is kind of an older political contest in king county. It has switched back and forth in the past. But i think the amendment giving the county council more power over the sheriff's office is a direct response to the protests. Some council members want to redirect functions of the sheriff's office in the same way that the seattle city council is transferring certain functions. Out of the police department. Amy i'm curious. What stood out to you in these results. here well. I think it's interesting that you know. There were seven charter amendments on the ballot and king county and the one to make the sheriff appointed instead of elected past with the narrowest margin. I'm still had a strong showing. But the king county police officers guild led the campaign to keep the sheriff elected. They spent a lot of money on that campaign. And maybe that had an impact because the amendment is definitely passing the with a thirteen point lead okay. Washington's tenth congressional district also a very interesting race democrat versus democrat. There and right now. Former tacoma mayor marilyn strickland is leading by fifteen points. And this is notable amy why yet if strickland winds she'd be the first black person elected to congress from the entire pacific northwest. She would also be the first korean. American woman ever elected to congress. Amy does this tell you anything about. We're washington stands on the different shades of blue. Well i guess it shows that some moderate democrats can prevail when they have a more progressive challenger. Who's also another democrat. You know strickland used ahead the seattle chamber of commerce. While her opponent beth dolio was climate activist endorsed by bernie sanders Often it goes the other way in the state senate race acquire. We have two democrats and the more liberal challenger ingrid anderson is slightly ahead As and in seattle city council races last year the more lefty candidates one in most cases fascinating. Okay final thing amy voter. Turnout was huge. In this election. People were really engaged. Just how high are we expecting. Turn out to be kim. Women says we may get to ninety percent. statewide king. County already has more than eighty percent of its ballots returned Where breaking records that were just set in two thousand eight and it's really been driven this time by the early voting. You know people have been passionate about this election. They've wanted to make sure their vote would get counted. Despite concerns about the postal service being delayed and other kinds of challenges. I love it. More voting is always better. Amy all right before. I let you go quick lightning round to cover some of the other initial results. First secretary of state is a close race. Just how close is it about. Three percentage points. Kim hyman at fifty one gael tarleton at forty eight okay. Referendum ninety which asked voters to approve or reject me tori sex. Ed in washington. School saw a lot about that. Where does that stand right now. Sex ed is happening. It's leading with sixty percent of the vote. Okay you can still out right. Yes that's croquet all right seattle's prop one. Which would increase sales tax to pay for bus transit related projects. Where are we there. That has been massively approved with eighty two percent of the vote all right. Accessibility stands. When will we know more about the results. Amy and what will you be watching for more when ballot counts get updated this afternoon. Around four p. m Personally i'll be curious to watch how the secretary of state's race turns out. You know kim. Wyman has been an advocate for the vote by mail system nationally this year but democrats say they expect later results from king county to maybe put gael tarleton over the top and then we had republican leaders predicting that they'll do well in later returns so i'll be curious whether that bears out as well. All right locks to watch k. u. o. w. reporter amy radio. Thank you for your hard work on the election and for staying up all night for us. Oh you're welcome trish just a reminder our colleagues covering the election results around the clock go to k. o. w..

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