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And I'm Gerry McNamara eight six six nine the redeye good morning I thank you for being here this morning I haven't even looked at the Dow futures I I did earlier but that means nothing we got another topic so it's like okay good we were unable to ignore down one twenty three really points not twenty three hundred yeah what was that what would be the good news overnight because they were down four hundred earlier and nasdaq futures are actually up seventeen wow oil is up to seventy four thirteen for over thirteen percent look look at the price twenty three twenty three dollars and eleven cents you know I was just thinking about the restaurants in the you know the service industry I'm that the oil field workers you know rely on and I mean they they lean heavily on restaurants and hotels and you know but the you go out to West Texas a during the busy time and it's you're not going to get a restaurant they're not gonna get a table at lunch time but of course with the if there are orders in place and they have to close restaurants I was thinking about that but at twenty three eleven I don't know if anybody's actually producing out there in West Texas I've got to figure out maybe along the way home but on the way and there's gas station just about a mile away from the interstate then there's a gas station right on the interstate right at I'm not I'm not making this up because I looked I could see two sides of the one station but the one was a dollar seventy one and the one right next to the interstate to nineteen yeah you're talking forty eight cents a gallon difference one mile away and I did when I put it together I went wow one seventy one really is low and then when I saw two nineteen I went that's so expensive I know I know my condolences everybody out in California I do that's a question yesterday and if any of the U. below three fifty in California but a dollar one mile away Erica forty eight cent difference I just wonder if I it's going to be interesting to see what it is on the way home but if it's the same on the way home I'm gonna fill up at the one seventy one right yeah but I don't think I've ever seen that before I've seen twenty cents difference I've never ever seen a forty eight cent difference between gas stations a mile away I'm last guy and this is going way way back when maybe on a corner you would have three gas stations and they would be involved in a local gas war or corner gas war but I haven't seen that in ages I mean that it's been years since I I'm decades since I've seen anything like that but a mile apart forty eight cent difference Sacramento two dollars and forty nine cents according to gasbuddy dot com at one place inside where yeah in a Sacramento California what about L. and and the which is the capital I don't see let's see if I can get the the city all right I'm yeah all of these prices are right at or below two fifty really yeah wow these are different towns okay because I was talking to somebody just two weeks ago and they were telling me they were getting on my case for okay I'm looking here at I'm looking in New York when I was back they had they had just broken there in the two thirty eight to thirty nine to forty to fifty years couple two fifties to seventy nine in Long Beach wow yeah gasbuddy dot com's again this is yeah that's what I'm looking I'm looking at here for where I was just a couple weeks ago when they were getting down to the two fifty margin to fifty levels like while I just wonder why that one gestation here's a two nineteen okay I'll have to figure this out when I get home that's going to be my research project for today mmhm why a mile apart there was a forty eight cent difference for gas wars no what will the ones that don't cause a dollar seventy is where we are right now in the dollar seventy range right that's that's where everything is that's where everything is right now in the in in the Dallas area right I mean that's the yeah I'm I'm let me look at let me loom for some reason Dallas isn't isn't pulling up there okay okay about forty five in fort worth well down all right around my town one we see one there's just all three of them three one seventy six one eighty four you got a one forty yeah one forty five in fort worth.

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