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Listen to what I'm saying. That's my point in football in sport in all of sport. What we have to understand is they're going to label you with something to be value. You that is their job. It is been the players job to strip that to eliminate that to make you forget about what you told me. I could not do. I e Russell Wilson. I eat Reiter Mayfield drew Brees. These guys were all labeled Donnie Menzel each him to leave. You don't. You you. Compared to. We look at the all Royal we can look at all the players that have had success and all the players that have had failures. They're going to be more that fail than have success sport in life in life. So you you're not you're not making some great point by pointing out all the guys who fail because it takes a lot to accede to Christmas point what he's saying. And what we're trying to share an impart in new is that making this football decision. If number one, he's passionate about it. You can't question. No. But I never questioned that. I said that he obviously followed his passion. But if you're asking me and talking and seeing we have Brian Jordan on our radio show who is a football and baseball player, and I'm just I'm I'm surprised that Dion Sanders, who's a hall of fame football player at that level said if he could if he could do it over again and play baseball. No, no, no, no, no. You wanna know why most players that have chosen something else? Say man, I wish I would because they didn't do it. Like, just like myself in college. I had the opportunity to play basketball at western Michigan university. I didn't do it. You don't think there's days that I feel like menace..

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