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Your fan base forever that's what it comes down to you got to know you've got to understand that mark danny in pennsylvania you're up next on the jim rome show what's up to any yeah what's coming up renewing what were tom brady pardoned retired what are they going to group for backup quarterback ram well it depends what year that is i don't think that they're gonna they're going to he's going to retire any time before the two thousand in twenty one or twenty two season but right now the backups jimmy garoppolo i dunno jimmy garoppolo is going to be there in a year but for right now it's jimmy g joe in wisconsin you're up next on the jim rome show what's up joe urban craig mccaw first of all i wanted to share with you know i can make an argument that i think packer pan are bad or and in the world with an argument for another time uh i want to put my clinton to the whole colin cabinet paying as you know everybody else worked rolled down uh i want to practice by saying i do not here that e nieto for the national anthem water it what you want i i i really couldn't care less but what a lotta people don't understand and i i think you you might have that it i'm sorry at some point there is an unwritten a rural area and i've written a radio and not over yet of all but really owe or uh in general that however level that you bring your game marked out way that iraq and that your brain and a that you bring your if your howard level algren you're probably not going to find your thorpe on iraq or right now we could both agree to colin kaepernick talent absolutely years i mean you're you're you're the go patrick pan out quickly eat horse in that way out or i think of what on look one yards rushing alone now for what we did her right there deeper it will now elkhart into what what were correct a little bit over.

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