Pentagon, Mr Mattis, Congress discussed on The John Batchelor Show


To do with what is called the 2018 national defense authorization act that at the pentagon very much wants to make changes of and mr mattis's recommendations for changes seem commonsensical so let's go through them jet a very good evening to you the facts in congress is that because of politics of the obama administration they have starved the pentagon needs called different words quest racean budget caps since 2011 they're continuing pretty much along the same lean rations except for the secretary of defense is now complaining and he's complaining because what seems obvious merrily is not to washington to of the congress these caps let's start with an example what is the crass now dr and how does that evidence how we are falling behind because of these budget considerations good evening to you jet good evening to you john the krasnodar dieselelectric submarine that evidently slipped out of its base in may and led to a us carrier task group on a very merry chase all all around the mediterranean trying to figure out where we're going on what it was doing it's a relatively new i think dieselelectric submarine and the russians are spending an awful lot of rubles to create new missiles and submarines aircraft and so forth the chinese are doing the same uh well not so much the problem is the fa example the crafted is that the dieselelectric submarines but the russians have are very good they're very quiet and they're giving our antisubmarine guy fit because of submarinelike that could heaven forbid uh sneak in and maybe sake an aircraft carrier this is the kind of threat that we're dealing with right now in congress whose well it to be very kind to them there they're pretty much asleep yes caps or a sleep but now we move in an area that your straits jed they've pilots they are not getting training their groundings squadrons of the caps the sequester since 2011 is right now hitting very hard in their ability to deploy certainly congress doesn't doesn't challenge mr mattis about this certainly congress knew that this day was coming well.

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