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Pick back up on what you were saying about the precarity of workers because the absolute no-doubt hands down best piece of magazine journalism of the week if not of the year so Is this astonishing piece in new york magazine about delivery workers for restaurants and emily you are raving about it. What did you learn from this. Okay so the pieces of the new york magazine cover story. It was written by the investigations reporter at the verge tech site and he originally set. This is crazy to me. This guy set out to write a story about e bikes and how they were affecting new york city and it turned into a story about not about e bikes but about new york city delivery workers and how they were faring especially in the pandemic and e bikes were a part of the story because they make delivery workers deliver much faster and they also make them much more targets for theft. So that's one thing. I learned from the pieces. That delivery workers are getting robbed. I really high rates especially right now because there's fewer people around to stop it. And as a result they've come together in solidarity and sort of formed these groups to fend off the attack so i learned that as well felix. I also learned that being. I mean already kind of assumed that being a delivery worker. Delivering seamless and uber eats in new york. City is like not the funnest best job that you could have but it so much worse than it used to be like. I remember when i was in graduate school. I worked at pizzeria on that west side and we had these two delivery guys and they had their bikes and like when they weren't doing deliveries they just hung out in the back. At peachtree. we all would be like. Oh my god. Someone didn't get this pizza. They didn't want it and we'd all go and eat it together with the delivery guy. I was a waitress or whatever and we love the delivery guys but that culture where the delivery guy hangs out in the restaurant waiting in between deliveries is gone because of these apps announced delivery guys and women. Sorry nearly always guys. They're just like on their own. They don't have anywhere to go to the bathroom. They don't have anywhere to have a break there. Like finding these like weird places to congregate and go to the bathroom and eat. Because they don't have that anymore from the restaurants because the apps made a bad job even worse worse. I wanna add one thing about the e-bikes which is before citi bike. Basically gateway drug new york into accepting e-bikes delivery workers were using e bikes before new york. City can figure out a way to register regulate them and as a result they were constantly getting their bike seized police by the police because they were giving the bikes by the police number. There's a tremendous immigrant population of delivery. Workers they were getting bikes by the police. Some of them were being arrested. Some of them were like the target of ice enforcement. And so as a person who has benefited from the mass adoption of e-bikes. Because i love them. I remember being in new york and living in queens and watching delivery workers on e bikes. Just get harassed for this thing that now is like hey. This is a benefit of being a city commuter and so just the ongoing unfairness of everything you describe is just incredible. It's a dp broken system. And of course the reason why. These delivery workers driving around town on three thousand dollar. E-bikes is because that is the only way that they can compete with the other delivery workers who are on three thousand dollars e bikes like the equilibrium would work if everyone was just walking around on foot right but then like someone was like. I'm gonna do it on a bike. And i'm going to be faster and that way i can make more money and then everyone else it'd be good by one person was like i'm going to do on an e bike so i can be to make more money then. Everyone needed to get even only just making more money is that they are given these explicit targets that they have to hit by the apps deliveries per hour was an insane exact and you get dinged by the algorithm if you're not keeping pace whatever targets they set and then you won't even get on the schedule for like the prime time to make money and the next day like it's instant punishment if you're not keeping up a pace and there was something in the piece that was like if you go as fast as you need to go to meet. These targets your. They're putting their lives in danger. Going really fast on the e bikes to. I mean not only a big at the bike stolen but like the delivery workers getting into said car accidents and getting hurt not infrequently so people can get like a single piece of cake delivered to them in the middle of the night like also that. I don't know that was kind of gross to me. As well like people just ordering like small amounts of things these poor men risking their lives. Live in downtown manhattan and right now that seems to be this huge war going on between a bunch of different services with names like gorillas and fridge no more than fifteen twenty basically saying we will deliver you stuff in ten minutes. Open the app or the thing and it will be at your door in ten minutes. There's like how is that even possible. And that is if nothing else. An absolute guarantee the yoga have a bunch of people running through red lights and basically making the streets. More dangerous for everyone. I do wanna shot out one to the city new york because we are talking about new york they did in december twenty. I one of if not the first one of the stories about loose delivery nido switch was like the union. Emily that new york city food delivery workers had banded together to form as a response to the pandemic meeting that everybody who could afford to trying to order delivery at home instead of going out to eat a one of the interesting things about this article was the tension between basically two groups have delivery drivers one of whom was trying to work with the apps and with the city new york and with the police and kind of saying we need to unite to be able to get their protections that we need and deserve versus another group is just like these people will never do anything for us and we just need to take matters into our own hands and putting effort into trying to you know outreach to local police free things is always going to be a waste of time. Yeah in the piece. The policemen care about stolen bikes until someone was finally like. This bike cost three thousand dollars and the cop was like. Oh interesting your banking stolen in new york. It's too you're just like well. It had a good run the odds of getting it back zero. My favorite part of the peace was debate on the avenue bridge where the delivery workers would get regularly assaulted like people were just ambushed them as they were coming over the bridge and they wind up having this whole system of going in groups to make they had protection in numbers but then when the assault did happen there were police cameras on the bridge and they were like they would go to the police and the police would be like. We don't have any rack. Or if there's a soul happening on the bridge with their like this place on the bridge in this time and it turns out an absolutely classic new york moment. The all of the police cameras were concentrated on the roadway. Because care about is is car. None of them cared about what might be happening in the bike lane. Estrin path next door stacey felix. You guys live in new york city. Are you going to be do you. Order from these apps do feel icky when you order from the apps. What do you do. One of the very first meals ordered as i immediately went into quarantine when i got here and had no food and no pots and nothing to cook with. I can hold the restaurant. I was like yet. No i'm going to go on your website. Find your phone number at give you my credit card details over the phone. Like it's two thousand and seven and then kind of tip extravagantly so i'm just gonna. I'm trying to make a conscious decision to not use the middle apse as it were but it doesn't help because most restaurants even if you do cool them even if you do go through right..

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