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No market marketing road south flare they're not going out and trying to figure out a price or valuation it says in his filing that they'll just show up on a day wine and the ad judge supplying demand and set a price there at the earliest screwed up in fifteen days from now the unusual listing could serve as a model for other companies including lugar an airbnb while high level chinese economic adviser leo hayes making the rounds in washington there is intense media speculation that he is out for a number of posting beijing including possibly the head of the pavia see he's been meeting with us officials to talk trade and uschina relations and tease also met with jp morgan chase eo jamie thomas some chinese investors may be dumping stock holdings ahead of an informal ban on sales during a big party gathering the kicks off next week we get that story from bloomberg's of on man that's right for some chinese funds the window to sell stocks as rapidly closing we've been told china's securities regulator the csrc has asked them to avoid net selling during the national people's congress that starts march fifth see the lung executive director at uob kay hian says that baby prompting some investors to unload holdings this week i have a temporary ban on their selling the country's nearly eight trillion dollars stock market in hong kong by men bloomberg daybreak asia wholesome meksi's out of india as bloomberg's rainy and asencio reports the economy is now full cost to grow faster than expected india statistics ministry says gdp will grow six point six percent in the next year slightly faster than its january estimate of six point five still that is slower than the seven point one percent expansion in the previous year it's not clear how this will impact central bank thinking the reserve bank of india turned hawkish earlier this month as inflation quickened and the government.

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