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So I'm not sad. We thought we do and we're bussing through these doors right now also highlighted in this article is talking about popular movies at the time were things that like these movies concerts. Just showed like shitty stereotypes of light black folks like the movie watermelon. Contest bacon only. Guess what? That one's about. Who's like I need to make a movie about my idea of black people eating watermelon not to be confused with apple bar. Yeah. Right. Very much. So sorry. I couldn't miss them. You know, I, you know, I came to the realization like I will like everybody loves watermelon. So back the fuck off like everybody loves watermelons. Not just black watermelon. Everybody does usually hipsters in Brooklyn love, watermelon, juice. Everybody loves dolls about and fried chicken. It's just the thing that people like there's some black people who don't like watermelon and fried chicken. So get your movie out of my face. I the movie I read it like description of it and go to there's like one review review of it. It's funny. It's they aren't like Impreza of it, which is you never know some of these commentators there like there's not much to it just to African American men competing with each other. Other like the title describes. So that's the movie. And so in honor. I just wanted to bring this up as you know, we've been in know, it's such a revolutionary act like even back then super evolutionary too. So just to block you ball loving each other because black love is. So revolutionary. Black love at peace black love. That's not internal black flow of that. Isn't you know, it's funny because I was talking to earlier about about I did my thesis in college on black comedies. Yeah. Because really the only time you've got on TV in the beginning. Yeah. And when you look at Beulah, which was the first time a black woman was in the title of his show, right where she had to overeat to stay at that weight. And all the thing she had a boyfriend, but she was kind of a sexual, and he basically was not the brightest crown the box and worked in the garage is just like this whole weird non romantic coupling of black people or the hyper sexualization of women into the Jesuit Bill character. And I think it's just interesting because it also reflects back on this concept of turning black men into something dangerous allowing them. To be full human being within a relationship, or they're docile and lazy never this medium where they could just exist. Now serve some other purpose that is usually some sort of like white narrative of some sort, and that's just so great and beautiful to see the guy needs chew by people. Just loving each other. And Dr gates says Bradley pulled this quote at the end, the people like who the fuck is Dr gates I'll link the article, and you can figure out how the fuck Dr gates for yourself. So I haven't eaten in a while. So getting angry. Abc's? Angry. But Dr gates says I think absolutely black love is re revolutionary. I think that is you're talking outside of the realm of film and television, the idea of people being loved and loving each other and being treated as whole invaluable human beings who are deserving of love and care and affection is sadly still a fairly novel idea too, many people. And so it's like, you, you know, how long was this, you know, negro kiss and how we're still fighting to have beautiful representations of us. You know? That's why if Bill street could talk it's such a really really beautiful movie. Jess, it's such a beautiful movie. A just a black family dealing with a situation. And it's so it's such it's filled with so much love. And even like the way that shot, you can just feel there's such a love and appreciation for James Baldwin's words. I think it just the acids of the movie is just so much. It's so much love and you just walk out feeling. Like love for black people. And also like the prison system is still fucked up and these things still happen. So go check that one out love yourself that because I was sitting here just like entranced watching you talk here so excited about this..

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