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I heard that there is I only I saw guys in in jumpsuits found, obviously we're the power company, four times working on things, but there were a ladder wasn't you know, as if they were working up high in the nest, they were working low on a box, but I'm sure that people are stealing power and they're stealing cable all the time. No doubt one hour. You get a track it though. You're not. It's such a, it's such a. Fricken mess Melvin emails where the line goes anymore. So I really matter. Well, the thing is to you really can't bust everybody. It'd be millions of people who are doing and I'm sure. So you know, yeah, sounds like close time. Do you guys have any other random limb us? That's like he had a good time. I was like, I know I was. I was for a while. I was sort of planning a trip to southeast Asia, and there's this one place. It was just outside of Phnom Penh. Oh yeah. And they had you probably didn't go to this place, but this place I found the lonely planet guide. It was cool. They had like a lot of leftover relics from the wars. Then it has not besides the Vietnam war, of course, Cambodia to. Yeah. So you could go there and you could shoot a fully automatic AK price, and if you wanted to pay even more, you could actually maybe toss a live hand grenade. You know, there's all kinds of cool stuff. You didn't do any of that. When I when I was in Cambodia, we went to a Siem Reap and went to anchor watts. Yeah, three or four days touring those thousand years through God. How could you then we went to cynic Ville or seeing Ville, which is on the coast and hung out on the beach. So I didn't do any of that, but I know that there are all kinds of things like that, but there's all kinds of things like that in Laos in Vietnam land think you can shoot guns and blow stuff up in Vietnam as easily. But I'm sure you could in Cambodia and Thailand is I haven't been to Thailand from what I understand. It's kind of the weirder darker everything happens kind of place in terms of. I mean, there's tons of backpackers bound tons of backpackers. I mean, I ended up backpacker alleys, but it seems that that's more of a wild west city island. Yeah, Thailand. This kind of thing goes place. It's definitely the. The place to go. If you want to catch age. I mean, yeah, it is. He has that. I don't know that necessarily trim the anywhere that you go that you're being foolish not protecting yourself. Oh, for sure. Now, I guess. But apparently it's, it's a big sort of sex tourism destination for a lot of people while you're, I guess what I meant by the wild west was more people just go and they get wasted and the locals consider all tourists as Marx. I mean, it was this kind of like undiscovered paradise for awhile. It's my understanding that more and more like with every passing year. It's becoming more and more touristy. It's really westernising a lot. So things are getting more because it for a while. It was like, you could go, you get an Airbnb for like, literally fifteen US dollars for an entire month, right? That's your whole rent. And you just live right on everything. Super, super cheap. You live right on the river. You live this crazy Instagram life, and it's super cheap, and those Greenway do that as much as it can't last, you know..

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