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Ninety three from the people who brought you the one two three dollar me comes a new choice the hot spicy meat chicken crisp tender chicken action packed with gold prices and even more which co starred with the make two for three dollars mix match the hot and spicy Mexican and the make showing right now news cannot be combined with any other offer will come only a single item at regular price my name is Jerry Reynolds but you can just call me now there's another way to reach Jerry Reynolds the card besides telling him at one eight hundred cars seventy seven seven seven email car pro USA dot com you can ask him anything you want to know about by leasing your next vehicle on Facebook I don't know what you get from the car since your is your friend in the car industry Jess friend USA dot com today my new dad threw a barbecue today my new son and I threw a barbecue they were burgers and chicken I burnt everything the burgers chicken salad they were delicious they were awful and then and then we have watermelon I'm allergic to water and then we played catch I broke Mister Lewis is window this is way comes window Mrs way comes windshield and somehow my hand my dad even when he drives because it was a rough day it was a great day you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are for more information on how you can adopt visit adopt US kids dot org a public service announcement from the US department of health and Human Services adopt US kids and the ad council the eyes of a young girl being discovered by industry insider while singing to herself pumping gas one in three hundred million the house of the daughter of a clergyman from Severn Maryland spending eleven weeks at number one on the US singles.

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