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Accidental tourist for which by the way she would and academy award for best supporting actress and on tv we've seen geno davis in that commander and chief probable stepan of that and greg look intriguing happy birthday dinner davis sixty one years old and also the birthday today of jack nicklaus the bare seventy seven today eight eight team that major championships wait a minute oh and nineteen second place finisher and nine third place finishes he was used to being around the top wasn't track nicholson and rightfully so some seventy three all time wins as a go for that places him third on the list behind sam snead to as eighty two and tiger woods west seventy nine and in two thousand fifteen jack nicklaus was awarded to congressional gold medal happy birthday to him seventy seven years old today jack nicklaus demar the twenty second in january these folks celebrating birthdays actress but i am lane turns fifty two years old we saw her in him a little roll man ups and faithful the outsiders a walk in the moon the the perfect storm under the two son son sin i'm a very tape trumbo manno steal and and bad member she's super man and in the new upcoming that man movie she will again be playing martha kent pardon in the new superman movie should be playing martha kept the mother of super bowl way and superman of dial.

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