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The game please fill in the blank on Wednesday president trump said he would delay a tariff increase on goods from black China right on Monday a majority view estates launched a joint anti trust investigation into online search giant blank. right democratic candidates sparred over healthcare immigration and gun violence in the ten candidate blank this week's debate right on Wednesday a Scottish court ruled that Boris Johnson suspension of UK's blank was unlawful suspension of the parliament yes we're gonna use of a soccer game between France and Albania accidentally plank. organize a soccer game between Spain and Morocco now. in France and Albani accidentally play the national anthem for Endora. and then they get really embarrassed so they apologized to the nation of Armenia. my second. on Wednesday scientists announced they discover the planet with blank a hundred and ten light years from our solar system a Starbucks no. water with using the husband of former vice presidential candidate blank filed for divorce hi all yeah after causing thousands of dollars in damages to a small town in Vermont two hundred and fifty pigs were lured back to their farm with blank of kilo of cocaine. a trail of hot dog bun. the loose big zero as their more commonly known free hot dogs. has caused almost a hundred thousand dollars in damage across the town of arms remind fortunately they're eventually lead back to their enclosure thanks to a trail of hot dog buns all pigs just found the hot dog buns weirdly warm and welcoming not right. the blood for the whole band. gross well enough to win five right ten more points total of thirteen and that means he is too short of Adam's fifteen revelations that. we're gonna. to predict what will be the next new version of monopoly the first let me tell you that support.

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